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New update 1.6


Any1 know when next update is coming and are any leaks of it out?

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It should be soon this year


When I make some math it should be middle January


What you could expect from 1.6?

More dinos spawn will get nerf.
More dinos will be nerf as well.
More bugs to be introduced.
More incubs to be sold in the store - at a higher prices (you have to buy to level up your dinos).
More players leaving the game.


Mid-late january, as for the content, we should get new creatures (scolosaurus, maiasaura, pachy and some other flyers were datamined by metahub), new hybrids (some were datamined, we can’t be sure on what they are as their name are encrypted), new features (probably a new item, as we got none for 1.5) and balancing (draco g2 is 100% gonna be nerfed, we can’t be sure about others).