New update bugs!

So I love this update but while im enjoying it i gotta put this up quick to see a fix for many others. Everyone’s getting visual white boxes on some ability icons and it needs to be fixed.
Another bug i might include is that people claiming Toothless trust points isn’t occurring. Not sure but i was able to claim. I’m an android user. Will keep posted for more bugs i foresee.


I had no offer of trust points. Others have offer but get error


Hey Yohomie, try closing your game and restarting, the icon should return back to normal.

Let me know if that works! :smiley:

That did fix mine.

Now get me those trust points!


Can confirm it kinda worked after a game restart. Some that were white boxed got fixed and new ones become white boxed appearantly.
I give you goodluck for the upcoming forum posts as there will be plenty. :muscle::pray:
This is the new one white boxed as the visuals were working perfectly before.
This is the old one white boxed but got fixed after a game restart.


I’m glad that fixed the original icons. Could you try restarting the game again and see if it fixes it for Scarbearer? :thinking:

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Hey Vikings,

Seems like the icons aren’t loaded on the first try. If you tap on the “X” and tap again, they should reappear. No need to force close your game.

We’ll let our development team know!


That seems to be the case. Quite random but I’m not a big fuss over the minor visuals. As long as i can read what it does :grin:. Sometimes it will go by pressing X. I just picked another dragon and go back to the previous dragon and it gets fixed. Apoearantly restarting the game creates more.
But i would like to bring another bug according to other fellow discord members over a duty quest. Apparently the coins earned from a battle doesn’t change. I cannot establish if it’s a visual bug or if it doesn’t actually change at all and is broken?



Hi !
I do confirm there’s a bug with the duties. Fishleg’s one works fine, but for Hiccup and Astrid, it doesn’t count the battle ( or the fish, etc). I did try a change for Astrid’s duty, but there’s alas the same problem.
Some members of my team are also affected

For Harold’s mother duty I don’t know because the breedery is occupied for a long time for me


@Yohomie, @Trollita

I’ll let our team know! Thanks for reporting this.

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I have the same with Astrid, none of the battles count for the chests. Others in the clan too. Can confirm it’s globally happening

update: resetting the duty to a new duty did fix it. new duty is working. I think it happens at a small % chance per duty generated


Hi there!
After update i have the same problem about toothless trust points: didnt get any.

Android user here as well.

Let me know of there s something i can do, or of i Just have to wait.


Could i also get other people’s opinion as someone told me you could continue to earn eggs over the max limit from an egg quest? I couldn’t confirm as im currently poor with eggs.

Harold? How many new duty quest givers are there?

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@Wirxaw: sorry, Hiccup is called Harold in french, I will rectify that


I guess every wonderful update has to have a gamebreaking bug to even it out. Well, I trust they’ll fix Astrid and Hiccup soon enough.

What I am perhaps excited THE most about this update… is that I don’t think I’ve seen the enemy spirit bug in at least 2-3 battles that I was in. So if they have finally fixed that… I guess I might even consider a month of this fight club…
Because most of the added features were convience-related. Even the Alpha bugs were… ultimately situational, which is why they weren’t focused on it. But the enemy spirit bug was everywhere and ruined every challenging encounter. It’s great to know that it’s over.

Yes there are more bugs established on other forum posts but I’ll keep a simple list here:
• Toothless Trust Points stacking over the 1K limit
• Toothless Trust Points unable to be claimed
• Dragons Ability icon visual bugged (white boxes)
• Astrid and Hiccup quests not working as intended (Mainly the coin duty quests)
• Toothless texture has degraded? (Not sure what word to use)
• I heard people could earn more eggs from egg quests over the max limit. (Could not confirm)


Thanks for the summary! Super helpful :+1:


Defeat 50 dragons isn’t working for repeatables although someone said it works on exploration

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I cant pet dragons. Game never stops loading