New update bugs!

Happens to me.often as well and I need to reboot, sometimes several times

I reboot it 5 times and i still cant see a single dragon

I have a few bugs I would like to highlight.

My Tricky Two-Heads counterattacks are now more useless as they are not triggering on abilities.
I’m not sure it’s an issue only on this dragon or all counterattack and this is as the new design. If it is, it would be good if it’s highlighted in the update logs.

The Foreverwing has an upgrade for Rough Thorns.
Old: When one thorn is destroyed, it will stop growing for that turn. Thorns doesn’t aim specifically special tiles.
New: When thorns are destroyed, it grows back on the same place right away. Thorns aim specifically special tiles.

This new thorns causes it go out of control if not destroyed in the first turn. Is this as design?


@Ned I have encountered a new bug today during my alpha battles. 2 things happened. The first time my dragons life bars disappeared and I could not see how much health they had left. Then during the second battle I had dragons die, still gain spirt and then after clicking on them they came back to life and were able to cause damage. Also I have had 3 gems match and really big delay before they recognize and hit the alpha. This SS is from the first battle.

Foreverwing Adjustment

this what you mean?



There is still a bug where it sometimes doesn’t sync with your sound settings upon booting up. When having it set off anyway it would play sound like the setting is actually on for about 3-10 seconds when it’s suppose to be off giving me a loud blast/shock of sound when i have volume up.

Also a big bug with the Blue Battling Ram quest. Apparently there is a restart button there when there shouldn’t be one. But not just that… there appears to be a glitch where the restart button can cause you to be able to complete the same node twice and collect the same rewards and should be tested for confirmation and FIXED asap to avoid any exploit use.


I have the same issue but an error comes up when I hit the restart button. The error code -2.

@Ned Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional, but today one of my duties is “Defeat 50 Dragons in Exploration.” Is this a cruel joke? Sometimes I can go weeks without being able to move one spot on the map in Exploration! And apparently, egg quests on the Exploration tab don’t count towards this duty.

So right now for my list of duties, I’m stuck with the above mentioned insane expectation, hatch 10 eggs, complete three duties, and breed two dragons that I don’t have. Obviously as soon as my daily duty skip becomes available, I’ll skip the first duty, but typically I use the skip for baby breeding since I’m trying to breed an extra copy of one of my 4-star dragons and it takes FOREEEEEEVER.

I could see “Defeat 5 or 10 dragons in Exploration” as a duty. Even you die repeatedly on the same level, it’s doable within a day. But 50 dragons?!?!?

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@ZydecoMoose you dont need to be able to move forward, if you can defeat 1 wave, that should count for the number of dragons you defeated in that wave.

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Use your reset to get rid of the 50 dragons in exploration. It’s easier for newbies to do that then level 20 and up


iv’e got the same thing twice in 2 days… i just reload the game…

I had 2 bugs. Free reset for the sheep quest, and Hiccups “complete _ quests” fills almost instantly after it gets assigned. Idk if these were reported already so here I am haha.

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Hi, can someone please help me with this bug/error? I seems that after all the battles, nothings changed in my duties. I’ve done restarting my fone and nothings happened. Please help me with this issue. Thanks!

It is a bug. You can contact the support for help, or refresh the duty to fix it.


Okay thanks!

Sheep restart error


I do not know why and what happened, but through this bug there is no access to the free draft! Please FIX!!


@FlyingWolfPuppy I’m aware. It’s still utterly ridiculous. I have never found this game to be frustrating in the past, but I can’t say that anymore. After waiting almost 30 hours for a reroll and making zero progress on much of anything else in the meantime, I was finally able to dump that task and sludge through a few others and briefly enjoy actually playing the game late this afternoon. And barely a few hours later, I wind up with the exact same asinine duty. I’ve now wasted 40 energy to kill 30 dragons on a level I’ve no hope of beating anytime soon without leveling up my dragons, which I can’t do because I can’t complete any of my duties. Oh! And I still have 20 more dragons I have to kill to fulfill this duty. And not enough energy to do it, so I’ll still be wasting energy watching my dragons get slaughtered tomorrow.

This isn’t fun anymore. You combine ridiculous obstacles like this in a game that’s suddenly having a gazillion issues and then you ignore paying customers for 5 days straight who didn’t get Toothless trust points and who purchased a special pack they didn’t receive. And what you end up with is a game that used to be what I considered the best app I’ve played—and the ONLY app I’ve ever spent money on—being way more trouble and disappointment than it’s worth.

The only reason I started playing this game was to help pass the time during my mom’s chemo sessions. So no, I don’t want to repeatedly waste all of my mana watching my dragons die over and over and over again on a level I know that I can’t beat. And if Ludia cares about what keeps people coming back and playing this game and spending money on this app, they’ll recognize their folly.

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Hi, my toothless is fuzzy as there is something wrong with my texture. Will this be fixed? And my board tends to freeze sometimes. Can that also be fixed?