New update..changes in control

Is it just me or is anyone noticing that the helocopter control is harder to target and aim now?
After update it’s so hard to control point and shoot the darts.
They give points for DNA now as well as for direct hits but they are harder to get now.
Anyone else find this to be true?

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I’m finding it easier to control now since the update.


i agree that its easier. getting higher scores than i was getting before.

Different, don’t know why, but i also got better at it!

Must be my new screen protector??

This has made me really frustrated…not worth wasting time on

@Terri_D What phone are you using?

Google Pixel 2/2XL?

Using Pixel 2 I assume? Seems to be a common issue for those of us on that phone. It’s awful.
Have another thread going here: 1.5 Darting Speed

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ohhhh just got pixel 3!!! Arrghhh thanks

That’s what we get for using obscure phones…

I’m sure it’ll be fixed for 1.6 though… should be an easy fix, like dinos showing up inside used strike towers…

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Never thought about it when I bought my phone …figures

I was being facetious at Ludia’s expense… don’t think it’s rare or obscure, it’s basically googles flagship android phone…

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