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New Update Game will be closed

What will happen if this becomes a reality. There will be no forum to complain about. So again I urge you all to please be a little more positive in your criticism of the game. @Jorge @Ludia_Developers


If Ludia actually cared about this app and it’s players we could possibly be more positive. But I am positive about one thing. I’m positive Ludia doesn’t care about the game or us.


It won’t close yet.

This is the second selling of the game.

This is Ludia’s strategy:

Year 1) get people to hunt, get them to battle, get them addicted. Sell them incubators with DNA. Sell them coins to level up the creatures. Sell them scents to get the creatures. All with just enough percentage of “filler” DNA to ensure they don’t get everything they need, and continue to buy more. Players spend 3, 4 figures on the game to get L30 creatures. They spend countless hours hunting and battling. They are fully addicted. Then… this becomes saturated… the “end game” is near.

Now. They finish up the first selling of the game and begin the switch to selling the game all over again…

They give players all the DNA they need to get those top-tier dinos (the St Patrick’s Day event). Use this last chance opportunity to harvest the rest of the money from the player base to buy coins to level up their new creatures.

Then… then!

  1. one year on. What have the most addicted players got left to spend their money on? Or bother with screen-time? Very little. The mid-level player base are hungry for the top still though… SO

they sell the game twice over

They introduce “boosts”.

Top players buy into this rather than losing out to a year’s worth of both money and time investment.

Mid-level players buy into this because it gets them closer to the top.


Right now, if you’re happy about the state of the game and playing along, be afraid. Do NOT spend money on this game.

Because mark my words. Ludia will throw your progress, your investment, into the fire just as they have those in the first year just as soon as the boosts reach “end game” too.

Then they will either introduce a 3rd way of re-selling this game. Or they’ll close up, say thank you very much and THEN. And only then will the game be “closed”.


Doesn’t seem that way.




I think that’s the longest post you’ve ever made … is that RG? Not RM? :wink:

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RG here and you bet your sweet honey she’s not to be messed with right now :wink::heart:



I’ve claimed my money back to dissuade such dirty behaviour in the future. Hurt them the only way they care. This “double-selling” of the game is fraud. And unfortunately because mobile gaming is so relatively new to the world, there aren’t proper controls in place to ensure companies can’t act at best amorality and and worst, fraudulently… so until that time. Just be aware and be careful with your money.


Kudos to those who are free to play. You are the real top of the leaderboard!


I love it when you go all legal … miss you guys :cry:

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Lol! I don’t research for nothin’


:kissing_heart: yea, I wish I could roll this whole state of affairs back 2 months too PQC :heart: go back to friendly carefree banter, alliance missions and hunting… would be so nice to only care about the nerf threads and rat threads again for sure


Over the past year I’ve only spent $30 on this game and i was lingering around 5000 trophies with all but 5 creatures unlocked, before Ludia screwed over iPhone 6 users with all the new garbage. I was prepared to spend 50-60 dollars on this game (standard video game cost) based on the amount of entertainment I got out of this game but apparently my time on here is being cut short. It was fun for a year but I suppose I’ll be looking for another way to entertain my gaming craving

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Ah, those were the days of wine and roses!

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It’s a bit too much now really. Give ludia a break…if they u decide to cancel this game then what will you do

Explain how I am wrong first.


:woman_shrugging:t3: If you think any of what I have written is “too much” then, please, I’m open.


That’s not how change happens. Voicing our opinions with criticism is absolutely valid, and honestly, the scathing criticism is absolutely warranted with this trainwreck of an update. We can signal what we like/don’t like in three ways: through our money spent, through our time-in-app, and through direct/indirect communication on this forum and via support tickets.

And, just to put a little more context around it: I’m aware that people tend to speak up and complain far more than they praise. Because of that, I’m deliberate about speaking up with praise when it’s deserved. I’ve emailed support a few times with enthusiastic praise and compliments, specifically following the 1.4 update, encouraging the support rep to share my comments with the broader team. And, on this forum, I’ve been very vocal about the fact that the Ludia of 1.4/.5/.6 did awesome things, including a sweeping rebalance of the meta several times.

But with the destruction of balance that boosts hath wrought, I think harsh criticism is absolutely appropriate.

[EDIT] I generally agree, @ResearchGirl - this feels like an EoL move in a lot of ways. So, the LAST thing we should do is spend new money on this game, because it either a) validates their recent decisions, or b) allows them to go out with a revenue spike. I disagree with participating in either. The only thing I’ve done is spend a small amount of my existing hardcash balance (boost credits notwithstanding), of which, only 4Kish was from actual HC purchases. So they can recognize some deferred revenue; fine… but no more real money.


As much as I feel like 1.7 could actually be an EoL strategy, no developer is going to shut a game down because people are mean to them on the forum. That’s not how it works. See my response to your original post: we vote with dollars, play time, and comments… and generally, that’s the order of priority.

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Does anyone of you have an opinion of my op

Yes, agree with all you said but what happens if they end of life jwa now