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New update gives us a matchmaking ‘improvement’

Maybe someone could explain how matching purely based on trophies is an improvement.

I know from Library up this has been the case for ages now, and if the cesspit that the Library has become is anything to go by this is anything but an improvement. Infact I would say it’s a way to reward the droppers who make an already toxic arena even worse than it already is!

Ludia drop us all every reset and now it will be even easier to drop and drop to find the sweet spot where you can simply farm incubators or get your dbi much quicker now. And in the process destroy innocent payer who are doing their best to move up the leaderboard.

When will Ludia do something to deter the droppers instead of making life easier for them?


I totally agree with you, but I don’t like the fact that you’re right. If droppers weren’t a thing, this would be an improvement. But they are, so this isn’t. I’m tired of droppers and other players who game the system making it so the rest of us can’t have nice things.

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I do agree also. However in my case with Dinos of high level but not a lot of boost I get matched with similar level but they have way more boost so it’s not a fair match. I don’t thing Dino power factors in boost. It’s like the matchmaking says your trophy level is here but your Dino power says you should be here which often times turns out to be a trophy level a lot higher than mine

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I dont see it as an improvement per say. Droppers will still be an issue. But since everything below library took some team power into account, this will be a big change. Will it be an improvement for lower arenas? Idk. You may have a more accurate representation of where you stand, but that seems about the only psoutuve in could see.

I think to either stop droppers or just to make it harder to drop in the arena ludia should change the win lose trophy system to 20/40. Basically if you lose a battle no matter if you are stronger or weaker than your opponent you will lose 20 trophy points. And if you win a battle no matter if you are stronger or weaker than your opponent you will win 40 trophy points. And I think this would be a good system, because it makes it harder to drop but easier to recover from a bad battle, and if you lose 2 battles you just have to win 1 battle and be right back where you last were in your trophy count. The only bad thing some people might point out is that if this trophy system was implemented it would give new players an easier time climbing the arena. While in the past it was harder for the veterans to climb the arena. But what I have to say to that is would you rather have it be easier to climb in the arena or be easier to drop in the arena and face off against a bunch of annoying droppers that are way stronger than you are. I’d like to think people would choose the first option instead. Plus aren’t people complaining that the higher arenas like aviary and up don’t have a whole lot of people battling, so wouldn’t it be better to get more people in the higher arenas? Although I could be wrong about that last one so don’t quote me on that, because I’m not completely sure if that last one is true or not.


Maybe a 25/35 or 20/30 to make it harder for droppers.

Where I’m at below 4500 that I know of, after two losses, I get an AI to fight which is easier than the [Play AI] which is a boosted team 4 levels higher.

If I wanted to drop, I would do it by way of loosing to the AI after two losses against real players because you actually gain and lose trophy’s to those. I think its a -20 for losing and +40 for winning.

As of now, starting to play PvP again, I haven’t settled up into a trophy range yet for the team I have. I’ve won the last several battles and climbing for now.

Good job and good luck climbing in the arena buddy.

Actually, this could be a great improvement. Matchmaking was based on trophy count only in the early days of the game, 3 years ago. Back then I made steady progress, increasing my trophy count slowly but steadily as my team strength (and I hope my skill as well) improved. Everything - progression up the ladder, mm, the trophy algorithm (which seemed to be similar to the current one) - seemed to be fair.

The arena didn’t go downhill until team strength mm was introduced 2 years ago; I found myself stuck in the Aviary forever because of that mess (if your opponents’ teams are always equally strong you simply cannot progress).

Therefore, getting rid of any remnants of team strength mm (currently only used below the Library) can only be a positive step in the right direction.

P.S. There have always been droppers, this won’t make it any easier or harder for them than previous systems did. Other solutions will have to be found for that problem… but Rome wasn’t built in a day.


maybe a billion topics and posts complaining about score matchmaker fails since update 1.7 could explain instead.

They should’ve made by Player Level,then no droppers would exist.

Matchmaking has always been trophy based. Ludia tried a hybrid model which failed to achieve anything beyond make Ludia look like it was lying.

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When I was in Library a few months ago and fielded a boosted lvl28-30 team I met monsters. When I fielded only lvl one dinos I met around lvl 22-25 dinos.

I don’t think things have changed

This is not going to help, because it does not eliminate the main reason why people are dropping trophy. For example, I have 0 (zero) interest in pvp fighting on a daily basis. I can play once a week, but I can’t afford wasting an hour every day just to get incubators. Give me option to choose AI or give me incubators for battles instead of wins and I will stop dropping throphy. Anything else is not going to help at all…

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You are right because i had very bad exepriance with current system I have only one unique Dino in my team and my opponent have all dino Level 30 although I losse 33 trophy losing the battel
Screenshot_20210613-165624_JW Alive

@DeLana Back in the early days the progress was quick but it had nothing to do with the mm being based on trophies only. It was just as it is now, the way the game works.

If you start a new account today and battle for an hour a day you’ll be racing up to aviary in no time regardless of how they determine matchmaking. The reason so many players struggle in Aviary is because so many Library players drop to Aviary for easier dbi and incubators as Library is such a mess.

Why is Library such a disaster? Could it be because mm is determined solely on trophy score? I wonder……

In this game, the trophy range your in is just natural progression base on your team level and strength.

Psychologically, we want to see progress as we grow our teams and boost them. The monthly reset tends more to kill the progression and just results in frustration to the higher players with level 25-30 creatures.

The problem is Ludia had to do this because the super players would progress up out of range and were not finding anyone to battle. They also instituted the 20 trophy win / 40 trophy loss to keep the higher players from progressing so far out of range, they couldn’t get battles.

What should be done is when you go into PvP, it should ALWAYS match you up with the person who’s trophy level is equal or closest to you. This is just the simple thing to do and for the most part, everyone will be playing others with a team strength closest to yours.

So how to discourage droppers? Are they that much of a problem? At least in my range, 4300, I haven’t had a huge issue. I may run into some over powered team on very rare occasions. Here is a suggestion and I should do a separate post: Just like raids have level caps, meaning your level 30 Thor is bumped down to level 25 for unique raids, so arenas can have a level cap so if someone wants to drop to Marshes with their level 30 Thor, Thor will be bumped down to level 20 and boosts cut in half. This would mean nobody in Marshes can have any creature playing over level 20 till they graduate into Ruins. Ruins cap would be level 22 for example. Lockwood cap would be level 25. Avairy cap would be level 27. Library cap would be level 29. The last two would be level 30. I can do another post for this suggestion.


That’s an excellent idea! A new post about addressing arena droppers would be great.

I agree with you that the trophy reset is a big problem. No doubt it causes the huge bottleneck in the Library (not the trophy level mm). Like I have said numerous times before (is anyone listening, Ludia?) the trophy reset needs to stop below 6000 trophies. >6K it makes sense, as there will be only about 600 players (I guess… I have never made it there due to 30/30 and constant resets) and some of them have much higher trophy counts than anyone else and therefore rarely get non-AI opponents.

I agree but I see more a cap at level 21 for aviary, 24 for library, 27 for depot and 30 for shores. Or maybe 24 aviary, 27 library, etc.

The issue with this is that players who want to run a level 30 team of epic creatures or other funky teams would struggle. It’s a minority of players in the arena though.