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New Update has caused some Nasty Glitches while trying to Dart Creatures

Is anyone else having the same problem?

Exact problem? I dun have such issues.

describe your nasty glitches plz.

When darting creatures… The game freezes for half a second every 3-5 seconds… It’s brought my darting average way down now… Very frustrating!!

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its probably your device.

on my device it freezes once but very rarely, prepatch. devices make a huge difference in this game.

and how come this isnt your avatar??200px-Heneryhawk

A while back the game had the same problem where people commented on it and it was fixed. I updated the game a few days ago and noticed when you were about to battle for trophies, the countdown number and the cancel button were a bit off centre… Then yesterday there was a little update which fixed that issue… Now when I’m in the middle of darting creatures, it glitches and freezes while I’m aiming at them… It’s just a bit weird.

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Haha!! (I haven’t put one up yet… I’ve got quite a few Chickenhawk pics… I can never pick one… There all good!! :joy:)

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It lags horribly, I couldn’t even get a 100 DNA on a tarbo because it lags and when it comes back I’m in the other side of the dinosaur :roll_eyes:

Lags is the perfect word Blue1, I darted a bloody 68 on epic T.Rex!! (that’s Embarrassing!! :joy:)