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New update has ruined the game

I have been with the game since launch and I’ve been a VIP the entire time. I’ve loved the game from the start, but this new update has all but destroyed that love. Ludia has put all their eggs in one basket with this update. They have tried to make it all about the BOSS battles, tried and failed in my opinion. They have made the BOSS creatures extremely over powered and to add insult to injury they have ham strung our best dinosaurs. I personally have stopped taking part in any BOSS battles as it is a unless endeavor. I spend a lot of money on this game. In adding to the $9.99 a month for VIP I spend at least another $10 to $20 a week on in game purchases. I feel this new update has ruined the game and made my investment in it null and void. For now I’m still trying to enjoy the game playing it as I always have, but if they continue to move it in this new direction I don’t know how much longer I will continue to play it.

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I wouldnt exactly say OP, just catered to specific crowds, with each Boss Tier. Epic Bosses are for lower lvls, Legend Bosses are for medium-lvls, Unique Bosses are for near-endgame, and Morty is just plain for the Endgame-Tier Players. Aint nothing wrong about that. You dont exactly want Mort in the Badlands, or Nemys in the even lower arenas do you? In time youll be able to beat those, just takes a long time of grinding. Enough with the positives of raiding, now with the caveats. Loads of bugs plagues it. Raid DNA is very unequally distributed. Imo, these should be the min/max for each Boss Tier:


Just stop complaining


They’re called “bosses” for a reason.


Which particular bosses are overpowered? 3/4 should be easy if you’ve been VIP p2p for 2 years. Mortem is very hard, yes, but with some planning, its manageable, even without boosts.

Not trying to gatekeep, but you should have a few dinos at level 28 or higher by this point, which is what is needed for Mortem.


not necessarily. one lv 27 and 3 below 25 work quite well.

They’re not broken, their just scaled, Mortem is the ultimate endgame, hence why it’s so difficult


I’m just giving an example. I’ve seen Mortem beaten with a level 22 tuora so it’s possible. The higher level/boosted the dino the better.

The issue isn’t with my having dinos of a sufficient level, strength, & abilities to take on the BOSS dinos. The issue is with being able to get 3 other players with dinos of a sufficient level, strength, & abilities to take on the BOSS dinos with me. If they had made the BOSS battles the same as standard battles where you are battling with 4 of your own dinos, then I would have no issue with them. That however is not the case. It is hard enough to get a 4 player team at all much less ones who have the sufficient dinos to actually be able to beat the BOSS. Ludia could at least put in an option to choose between fighting a BOSS with others or fighting a BOSS with a 4 dino team from your own set.

Only if the 4 dinos have the right set of abilities, which in my experience they very really do.

I agree with [DesTROYer]

I’ve spend over a thousand hours because i used to love this game, my problem is not the BOSS battles it’s the dinosaurs… This is the third time this has happened through updates. To get your fav. creatures BUFFED takes months and it’s not easy to collect specific DNA and with every update they just change the abilities. I honestly am pretty tired of working so hard to get my strike team the way i want and for them to just wash it all away… i’ve just stopped playing it now… I’m on the look for a new game.


I would very much like to see a Mortem beaten by a lone lvl 22 Tuora. I would be very interested in seeing exactly how it is boosted.

Thank you for the reply LynchDrop and if you find a good new game do me a favor and let me know what it is. Thanks.

no worries… i will.

So telling people to face facts and not embrace negativity is corporate shilling?

You dun like Ludia fine. I dun like a lot of their decisions too. But when someone starts spouting untruths or complains about something. I believe we should correct them then help them.

Boss battles arent that bad. You need planning and preparation.


The nerf buff cycle was common in 2018. In 2019 boosts came about and they began to be less frequent. The last major nerf buff was 1.9 with the introduction of IndoR G2. 1.10 was a boost reset so you had a chance to.catch up with the meta.

1.12/1.13 had a mild nerf buff but nothing boosts couldnt overcome. Now 2.0 is here. It will take time to learn how to build a strike team that suits your style but quitting because everything is different so everything is wrong is not exactly mature.

Surely you have Tryko and Arden.

This is a problem with coordination and asking for help.

What I did for my alliance and a few trusted people outside my alliance was set up a Telegram group to ensure those who wanted to raid could find people to raid with. The group also served as a platform to discuss and refine strategy.

This makes a huge difference for everyone and makes beating the Raid Bosses easier. Also enables stronger players to carry weaker ones and get DNA.

Essentially, better functioning communities whether alliances or just friends will be better prepared to deal with the Raid system.

Raids need coordination and depending on Ludia to spoon feed you the solutions is not going to happen for various reasons. Many reasons are the fault of Ludia.

Join a discord, ask around on the forums, join a better alliance. With minimal effort, I was able to beat mortem 4 times yesterday all with different teams formed on discord, within my or other alliances, etc.
Not trying to brag here, but this seems more like a you problem than a game problem.

Fighting with 4 of your own dinos would be an interesting idea, maybe it’s in the works down the road.

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Never said a lone 22 tuora, it was part of a team.

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I fully agree that the nerf was way too harsh for so many dinos with the update.

There should be a separate set of moves for boss battles rather than making so many dinos obsolete for anything other than the bosses.

And the boss battles themselves are either something you love or hate. I love them, my wife hates them and my son couldn’t care less as his main pvp team was pretty much wiped out by this update. I’m trying to convince him it’s all good, but I’m struggling.