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So! Here you can make polls about features you want, make suggestions, or just share some ideas! Heres a poll to start us off!

  • Add a feature that enables dinos to move around, since they have their own running animations while darting! It can be turned off in the settings. They would move around after whenever their spawn rate timer is depleted, and run off! Now dinos cant despawn infront of us! Completely optional!
  • Add a new hybrid!
  • Give other dinos swap in DSR
  • Add an ability for darting that, if chosen, will bring you close to the dinos back, and a slider will appear! The closer you are to the middle when you tap it, the more dna you get! It gives 1.5× more dna than darting!

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So post some polls or ideas!

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If your a true JWA lover, you would want the game less luck based!
Just trying the new options!


They should add carnoraptor into jwa and make it like how it is in jw the game


more spawns of


no limit for dart bag. i walk and walk and if there were no limit now I’d have 23 million darts. maybe a limit on 500 will be fine.

improve fusion system. Leveling Ankylocodon to level 22 made me lose 5 months of my life even having enough DNA.

undo button for accidental fusions and leveling Dinos.

I see it’s happening such as Pokemon with every new edition. Legendary pokemon were supposed to be just that “legendaries” and kind of unique but now almost every player has almost every of them.

JWA is kind of doing the same. It will be easier to have 29 lvl Indorat instead of level 30 [Insert normal Dino here]

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Hahaha no lol, carnoraptor from jwtg looks awful, like almost all the other hybrids from that game.

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Agreed… The hybrids there do look bad, but we want the concepts!

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Give the Baryonyx family their own sounds for their animation!

You know how you look at a dinosaur and you tap them to make them react?

The first animation for any of the Baryonyx related creatures (where it takes two steps before roaring) borrows the sound effects for any crocodilian creature. It’s off beat - the animations aren’t in sync with the snapping and snarling, and for some reason it’s annoying me… Maybe it’s just me… Maybe just like synchronicity for noises and movements, like every other creature for this game :confused::sweat:

So far, I can only see them having this problem. Sure, this isn’t some huge bug or something… But I’d like to see something done to it :yum:

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