New update is an absolute bug fest

As much as we like getting new game content, the bugs and glitches have only ruined an otherwise good game experience and the overall game quality. It’s getting ridiculous now and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was the final straw for some players to quit completely.

Does no one at Ludia test scenarios for errors before rolling it out globally? There has to be some quality assurance somewhere, but from the amount of bugs and glitches, this game seems to be released in a state of perpetual beta. It’s been days since the update went live and since they were made aware of the issues but none has been resolved up until this point.

We don’t need new shiny creatures nor do we need constant changes that affect meta every now and then. What most, if not all, players demand are non-rushed and functional updates. We need Ludia to dedicate an update mainly focused on fixing bugs and some issues introduced in earlier patches - raid bugs, login issues, and map issues to name a few. We want an update that primarily features major QoL improvements to optimise gameplay performance.

100 hard cash to “compensate” for these issues can only do little. Ludia needs to fix their game.


I never have a bug, It only happens like one time for me for each update


There are more bugs than dinos in the game


Absolutely. More bugs making it hard to enjoy the game.
You need 2 free hours before daring entering a raid now. 45 minutes to be able to enter the lobby and then between half an hour to one hour to complete it.

Long term request by the community: clear all the bugs before bringing in new content.
Please and Ty.