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New update Nerfed some creatures

One of my favorite creatures was Kaprosuchus but this new update just totally made him useless. Are there any creatures out there that you liked and now are weak ?

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Only some? Also, my Kapro’s still on my team, but his role changed. He’s now annoying the smaximas (due to not being slowed down + armor piercing attacks) before I swap into carnotarkus or dracoceratosaurus to take them down.

Also, the creatures i’ll miss are erlikospyx (replaced it with new draco) and will give up on Erlidom in exchange for Magna once I get it. I need more anti-slow critters because everything slows nowadays.

Nullifying impact and rampage also recieved a sneaky extra cooldown for some reason. I hope this is just a mistake

Utasinoraptor. Has 2 moves that are basically identical to each other in regular arena, much like Thor, and also received a decrease in attack.

I still use her, but I miss her old moveset.

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Geminititan went from one of the best in the game to out of the top 10. Considering how hard it was to create and level up, this is brutal. Now a legendary made with commons is better.

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Postosuchus - why. I‘d leveled it some days ago only for the rare-tournament next week. Now it were better to level Tenontorex or Dilo. I want my money back!


Smilonemys. It’s laughably bad now, which is disappointing considering how hard it was to create and level. It lost half its resistance to slow, so now can be easily slowed and chomped. It still can’t break shields. Its damage was dropped, so it barely makes a dent now. After working so hard on mine, I had to drop it completely – it just can’t compete in this new meta.


Magnapyritor now can be distracted. This small change made it useless :frowning:

Distraction has actually become much rarer in the arena. Instant Distraction is all but gone. Erlidominus can Distract, but it beats Magna anyway. Erlikospyx can distract, but it beats Magna anyway.
What exactly is it that makes Magna unusable?

Besides it’s only Distracted by 25% now. That isn’t that much of a difference, considering it got an attack buff.

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Magna hasnt changed much. I still use it to great effect. It still gets mulched by Ardent. Beats most chompers.

And disappointing since it’s today’s raid, too! Would have thought Ludia would have kept that in mind, when “updating” our dinos!

Um, no, mags is probably the best speedster due to the inability to be slowed. This means it distracts first

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Agree mine is only level 21, was well happy when I unlocked it as think the crazy kitties are cool… but sadly pretty useless in the arena considering how hard it is to unlock, the armour is decent the rest pretty meh!