New update new bugs

Round doesn’t count anymore,cannot see health and dragon color. And quest’s doesn’t work also, first they where changed from lvl up 10 to lvl up 15, and so many stupid alpha quest’s. First ow is much difficult to finish and second they don’t work, fix it…doesn’t count using all colors dragons, now i change it to use red dragons but still doesn’t count?

Screenshot_20190726-114120_Titan%20Uprising Screenshot_20190726-114101_Titan%20Uprising


The Asterid Viking chest duties will not show any progression so the chests are taking longer to complete.
Alpha time to replenish lives is too long to get those tasks completed as well
It would be nice to swap out resources with other clan members
How about unlimited lives periodically

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Reinstall, game starts new on google acc ?
And cant get past intro game keep freezing ,

Cmon guys i really want to get past intro to get my acc back !

Hey Dawdam, I’m sorry to hear that. Our team is looking into these issues at the moment. Marcus has more information on this post here: [Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | July 26, 2019