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New Update - OMG ! Never seen that many dinos out in the wild! Just WOW!



After downloading the New update I have never seen that many EPICS or RARE out in the wild.

Just got of the bus. It takes 30 min.
I did see:

1 x Epic flying
1 x Spino 2 gen
1 x Notopato
1 x Sino
1 x Spino 2 gen
1 x Posti

And 10+ rare; 2 x Giraff, 3 x Utasinoraptor and so on!


How about your experience so far!?


Anyone seen something special this Day/evening ?


Wow you’re lucky! It’s just been an average day of hunting for me so far


It’s too soon to tell. I didn’t notice any difference with previous version yet.



last time I was this excited I was 10 and got my first playboy.


Erhm… not over here and I have been driving all day. Glad someone out there is lucky


Nothing change in term of spawn to me neither, same old, same old


Same old, same old here


nothing here :smiley: just some tarbo and einio

maybe it only changed/boosted L5 spawns :smiley:


My lucky day was yesterday.


It’s a desert out here where I am :expressionless:

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I have found nothing.
Hello darkness my old friend…

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Nothing changed for me as well. I’m still surrounded by Diplo :expressionless:

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Same here at work, Draco Gen 2


I would say it is worse where I am at work. Only one green supply in sight when I normally have at least 3 or 4 minimum.


Well, It seems it was my day then.
Haha. Never seen anything like it. :black_heart:


All the same here… :frowning: i wish they would just make all dinos that are spawned appear from a distance instead of having to get close to it… would make the game look SO MUCH better and it would make us all actually want to go out hunting again lol


Yep, nothing interesting here. Hard to believe I am in a major city and there are almost no dinos here at all.

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Yeah same here in the outskirts of town… usually find a couple of epics each time I log on… nothing here today!

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I’ve had an increase as well. Even darted a t-rex from the wild. A large improvement.

But I’ve been playing in the equivalent of the desert. Go darting for at least an hour every day for months, and only just got my i-rex yesterday. Nevermind not having even close to the DNA for all the other hybrids I face in battle every day despite incubators.

So I think they fixed some spawn issues that put some of us at a severe disadvantage.