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New Update Opinion (Poll)

What do you think? I mean for me personally, while I dont know what 90% of those words meant, Im pretty happy they pulled the trigger and reworked the whole game. Again, Im all for changes, what I dont like is the new increased Math aspect of the game. Every variable has to be calculated, which kinda reduces this game from a Semi-Better PoGo Ripoff, to a Math Education Game. I wouldnt be surprised if they renamed the game:

Jurassic Math Alive
The only game that makes you do math as much as they do in school

  • I absolutely like the update
  • I hate the whole update
  • I love the update even tho I dont know what half of those words meant
  • I partially love/hate it
  • I dont care
  • I quit

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This update is the biggest reason to hope that the game will have a bright future. It shows that Ludia cares. That’s enough for me, for now.

Next time, they had better fix speed ties, and maybe try to make boosts more bearable.


From what i skimmed through, i’m loving it. i may dislike some of the balancing, (i mean who wouldn’t when a creature you use gets changed drastically?) but i think this will be for the benefit of the longevity of the game.


Hopefully this patch will remove the feeling of dread when waiting for matches, due to seeing same and overboosted dinos. And make you look forward to battling again.


My throat is still hurting after reading the notes :joy:

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Compared to 1.13 or 1.14 update 2.0 is definitely way much better

The new coop system looks really nice, most of rats are dead, the resistance mechanic is definitely better than immunity even if it’d make confusing most of people because there’s so many changes personally I don’t mind I really love the changes it brings

Sure there’s still some issues like speedties or matchmaking but this update is still a great addition in the game just seeing Ludia made changes most of players wanted that really makes they’re progressing

Hopefully they’ll continue on this way

Great Job Ludia :+1:


As much as I would love to make my own post about the Procerathomimus nerf, it’s not overly necessary, especially given that this thread exists. I’m sure at least one or two people are curious given how much I express my love for the Christmas Ostrich as I call her, and I will admit. I was a bit scared at first when I read the line “the long awaited Procerathomimus nerf is finally here”, but I’m overall very ok with the approach they took. I’ve been saying she only needs a slight nerf, and that’s exactly what she got. The only thing I have any real issue with is the speed drop. Gosh the speed drop. 4 points is a bit excessive imo, but that’s about it. As for the rest of it, I’m mostly excited for the update. I’m a bit worried about the new DracoceRATops superhyrid, but that’s probably just my excessive distain for this thing shining through.

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DC hybrid looks ok. depends really on the attack stat. at least it can’t heal so it can’t do as much spamming of SiS

I hate that they have changed the name of immunity to resistance and… nothing more. A lot of dinos still are immune against a lot of things. If Ludia introduces a 100% resistance is not a resistance, it is still a immunity. And guess what? Ardentis, Gemini, the new Procerat (Monolomimus, is hilarious, they nerfed it one year ago, and now it is absolutely insane again), and a lot of creatures still have 100% resistance against almost every ability in the game. Resistances should have a cap at 75%, not a 100%.
But may be is too soon to speak. A lot of creatures and attacks have changed and may be those 100% resistances won´t be as useful as imminities are nowadays.

it says same stats as dracocera with more speed, so 1500 attack 4200 hp

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Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion

Controversial but Im gonna outright say that the nerf on ProRat, was unnecessarily harsh. HP couldve dropped to 3300 or even 3000 HP and itd still be fine. Tho I wudve accepted the HP nerf, if they didnt also drop the speed by 4 freaking points. Tho, Im not gonna let one bad thing ruin the update. For this update, Im cautiously optimistic.


I like some of it. Interesting future but there are some changes to creatures and their abilities which feel totally unnecessary. It’s a different game now and whether this was or was not the right changes, will have to be seen.

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Kinda hate the fact that more than half of the raptors have been made useless (the good creatures being velociraptor blue pyroraptor and delta) and now they are terrible and even Pyritator has been made worse than its ancestor

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Proceratomimus needed a nerf it was too good to be a epic


We’re not saying she didn’t need one. She definitely did. But dropping her speed by 4 whole points is a little insane. She’s supposed to be a fast, speedy creature. And now she’s going to be outsped by quite a lot.


If I’m not mistaken it swapped stats with Monomimus

Even with the patch notes out I wont really understand anything until I see it in game

In terms of speed, yes. Nothing else was really “swapped”. I’ll be honest. I actually had to go check Monomimus’ changes. I’m so used to her getting nerfed into the ground, I didn’t expect her to get buffed!

Tbh though Monomimus should be better than yoshi because yoshi is epic and Monomimus is legendary

I think there’s plenty of reasons why Monomimus should be better just in general, but that’s not the point…