New update, same old tournament problems

I could take the “tournament” word out of the title, but let’s focus on that… Not gonna mention the speedtie, 'cause this problem at least they’ve showed us that they listened… Did nothing about it and made excuses to leave it as it is, but listened… Not gonna talk about battle bugs either, nor loss of connections 'cause hey, we have enough topics about it, right?

What I am surely gonna keep talking about is… yes, you guessed right! Medal system! Why? You know why… Because they are still wrong! Just beat an alliance comrade (talking to him at the moment I’m writing this) and got 38 from him! Which is weird because:

I was at 509 and after the win I went to 547.
He was at 420 and then he dropped to 382.

Why does this happen? Already almost 100 ahead, and I get 38?.. The mystery continues…


That’s right. We were commenting about that, I was on the losing side. I am not blaming Arnold, he is a fair player and deserves to be in the top as he usually is in the tournaments.

But I have also complained about the trophies system before. Same seems to happen in the regular arena. The whole system seems to be reversed. We usually can’t know for sure because we don’t know the opponents current trophies, but it really seems to me EVERY SINGLE BATTLE awards wrong trophies: if you beat a stronger team, or one that has higher trophies, you get LESS trophies, and if you lose, you lose more; and vice-versa if against a lower opponent. EVERY time I could, for some reason, know for sure that my opponent was above or below me, it was reverse rewards as I said above.

And that seems to be wrong for at least several months, and no one seems to care. I’m not complaining about the ones I lose, but also the ones I win, I’d just like it to be fair.


And of course it just happened to me… lost 40 to a player who was 200 ahead!

This is pathetic, honestly…