New update


Love da new update, especially da orange colour and the boundary ring for the radar, it really helps! Before I didn’t bother tapping on a Dino, thinking it was outta reach, now I know I would’ve made the distance. So we’ll done guys!! Thanks! Drops are much better too.


I like the new update so far too.

It seems that they fixed the biggest problem everyone was complaining about: the game economy.

me personally I’d never had so much cash, haha!

Idk about you guys, but the game on my cellphone turned to be a bit slow tho’


Lol!!! I know! I’ve neva got any cash!!! Soon as I get, I spend it!! :joy:


My coin woes are gone, that’s for sure.


Yeah loving the new update the night time colour is really nice and yeah loving the free cash for achievements


I feel like Scrooge McDuck swimming through his coins now! lol


Do any of you guys know how to create the Diloranosaurus??? I’ve got both Dilophosaurus and Ouranosaurus at lvl 15 each but I can’t fuse their DNA or anything


Ludia?..I love the update but has anyone else noticed your achievements aren’t correct? it says I only have 138/500 Rare and 160/1000 Epic DNA which can’t be correct! I get 400-500 rare and 100-200 Epic everyday (Yes, I have NO LIFE lol) This game is SUPER ADDICTING!!!


My game seems slower now too and my phone gets super hot! I am running the game on a dedicated Samsung S7


The collection Achievements don’t apply retroactively.
So you need to collect coins, and DNA, and such starting from the point of the update.


hmmmm that can’t be true? There is no way I completed 19/31 achievements since the update :thinking: BUT I am not really complaining as I love the update overall so far. I do wish they added a “ping” mode in our radars to show Epic and Rare dinosaurs within the 200 feet/meter? range circle. I know I have personally walked past some without noticing them until I stopped and did a 360.


No, you’ve misunderstood, and maybe that’s my fault.
Many of the achievements applied retroactively. Like those which require toyu to catch X number of dinosaurs, or level so many past a certain point. Whatever.

But the ones which ask you to collect currency such as DNA or Coins did not apply retroactively. Those start at zero as of the time of update.


:+1: I believe some of the zones have also changed as I am getting different dinosaurs near my home now. Thank you! I had way to much DNA from Diplocauluses, Dracorex and Triceratops


I cant even play the game since the new update q.q my map simply wont load.


I take back my positive review from earlier my special event stops are vanishing as soon as my radar hits them and my special event dinos seem to be doing the same


That’s a really good idea. I’ve done da same thing


I had similar problem. Try deleting da app then reinstall it. It fixed my problems