New Update?


Can please you add some things to the game? I’d really appreciate it.


A multiplayer mode where you can play with people around you with game modes, like we get to set which levels our characters are at so it’s an equal match.

A new chapter where you can unlock characters such as Kunoichi April, Armaggon, Shinigami and other characters that’s DNA aren’t in levels.

The four turtles and Mira from the three part episode Raphael Mutant Apocolypse.

Savanti Romero.

Creepweed, the fusion of the Creep and Snakeweed, which would make an AMAZING boss level, if you do decide to add the new chapter.

Character customiser.

And finally, can you please add the roulette wheel back on, so every time you win a tournament match, you get to spin the wheel, where you can DNA and card packs.

We really hope that you don’t mind adding these things onto the game in the new update, if there even will be one. We’d appreciate it.




A really big very good update just happened. I’m not sure those updates will apply for awhile if possible, great ideas !!! ☆