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Since the update. The experience needed to raise a character level has increased by 400? Is that an accurate guess?

Now experience can come from leveling up weapons etc. However, unless you consistently gain your best gear in drops, this promotes leveling up garbage gear and wasting gold to gain a few drops of character xp using gear you can’t use because it is weak.

If that was not enough: to gain experience you spend gold. To go up a level: you spend gold again. Although the xp necessary to level up has increased 400 % or more, the dungeons still drop the same xp, regardless of number of enemies or levels (ok some rooms drop an extra xp). A room beat by 4 characters drops 5 xp to each hero. If one here survives, the other 15 points for the room: poof gone. The experience rewards no longer balance the xp needed to progress.

The level up progress has truly suffered this update.

The new reward system with dice. 6 12 and 20 rolls. Genius in my opinion. Improve the experience needed and\or gained for leveling up CLOSER to what you had previously and you will be on track.

Keep up the good work. But do something about that leveling up experience crap that just came out.

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I’m surprised that no one (including me) has brought up the fact that body armour is one of the things that you need to level up in order to level your character.

Armour has absolutely zero impact on skills or abilities and is purely cosmetic.
Why would I want to spend my EXTREMELY LIMITED amount of gold on upgrading armour that makes absolutely no difference on gameplay?

There needs to be a way to get gold. This is ridiculous.
There is nothing to incentivize endless grinding in the same dungeons over and over knowing full well that a single piece of epic gear has a 5% drop rate… And no more legendaries.

Are the devs even listening? Last week we were told that you guys were putting together an explanation. Still waiting.

I REALLY want to love this game again. Nothing about this update makes sense in the slightest. Maybe I’m just being optimistic that you care about your beta testers and our feedback. Judging by the responses (or lack thereof) it’s looking like I’ll need to find a new game.


The limits placed on levels by gold is astounding, I actually have enough equipment to upgrade to level a character to lvl 7, but I need about 2.5k gold to upgrade his gear to get the XP, and then purchase the level. That much gold is going to take days to accumulate all for half one one characters level?? I know the devs are working on an update, is there an ETA? Because I think I’m done other than the 4 hour chests for now.


I realize I could likely level up a couple epic gear. Maybe a legendary or 2. But the xp could never gain level 10. I was near 400 from lvl 10 on one hero. Would have put a legendary weapon in her hand by now.

I deleted the game. I await an update before i play it again.

Ok…dammit. I reinstalled it. Someone out there has to read this from Ludia…if we start swearing will someone answer us? Merely speculating.

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Old Dungeons & Dragons would also drop MUCH MORE EXPERIENCE based on the difficulty of the enemies. Swing and a miss.

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