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New updates!

Is it me or are the new updates are really getting far from what they were at first?!
I mean like Tomas!
When they come back after a long time, it seems to me that the plot is changing.
Have the authors been changed?!

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Yup! A lot doesn’t match the first part of the story.

Blake/keanus ex turning up ended up being nothing.

Marco/hugos story took a weird turn

Sheng/tomas you end up being still mad even though you worked it out ebfore you left and his anger was justified

Now captain muffin doesn’t seem interested in you dating his human…not sure where that story is going.

Eveline/jade left because of a stalker that was kind of never mentioned again and then she gets another creep.

Theres a lot of little personality changes too thats annoying.

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Exactly what I am saying

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The mc chases both Noah/Antoine/Nina from Alaska to Colombia and they always put the job before the mc

First part of Eve/Alice the mc follows them around the world to Australia where the mc meets their parents and in the end the mc decides to work on getting a job over the relationship

It’s probably because the writers haven’t written anything in so long that they forgot what happened.

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