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Continuing the discussion from [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.6.20:

It’s sad they cover up their gliches with the drone popping back up after you collect dna. Also when you’re playing battles whether in regular battle or friendly battle. You don’t get to fight half the time they don’t replace your trophies. Sitting next to a friend in friendly battle trying your new dinosaurs on each other. Oh, one of you aren’t online for a friendly battle. Even though you’re both sitting there playing jw. Great fixes. Hid them behind other updates to make it look like you fixed stuff.

Support doesn't care, forum isn't any good

This game has a lot of problems and it shows they really have little interest in fixing them. They’ll just keep throwing random events and dinos and other generally useless crap at people so they don’t have to.

I mean as much as I love being matched up against people with dinos twice my level and none of which I remotely have, or as much as I love the almost 100% stun and critical rate on most dinos, it’s ridiculous.

These are things that have gone on for some time, they know about, but have shown little interest in fixing.

So they throw useless crap at the game knowing gullible people will buy it with the hopes it’ll fix their problems.

It’s sad but the gameplay on this game and the number of bugs is atrocious. It’s simply not worth the money. I don’t care if I was a millionaire. It’s not worth it.

For $30 I can get a game like Witcher 3 that’s loaded with story, characters, and countless hours of entertainment with good graphics. Let alone tons of content. And long after this game is dead I can still play that one.

This game you can spend 5x as much and still not equal 1% of that. You capture DNA, you create hybrid dinos, you compete against other players. It’s all rock, paper, scissors for combat. And that’s if the system doesn’t glitch out on you.

You don’t have to spend money on this game of course. And honestly that’s the smartest thing to do given that Ludia wants your money, not your game problems anyways.

And you can get free money by signing up for things. lol. It’s a great data miner of a game.

I stopped spending money on a money pit of a game. And that’s all this has become.

Doubt it’ll even be around when the next Jurassic movie hits in a few years. lol. Not like spending a ton of money on this game will give anyone anything tangible to care about later anyways.


I agree 100%, they cater to people who spend ton if money on the game. They completely control who is in the 2500 club. By blanking your screens in a battle like myne full service. On my wifi, waiting for battle to load. It finally loads, I’m 2 and a half dinosaurs down to a dinosaur that is far lower level than any of myne. I’ve wrote support they say they’re checking into it. Nothing I’ve lost over 1,500 trophies like this.

How is it you loose a battle you loose between 50 and 100 trophies. Although if you win you only get 21 to 30. Another way they keep you out of the 2500 club. Which is a club only for the people that put out a ton of money. Everytime anyone in two alliances I know of gets close they start loosing to lower level dinosaurs.

So it’s all about how ludia controls the game for their picked elite money spending people.


Now they’re temporarily hiding stuff I post. Saying they’re checking into it. I have over 50 messages with support. Now they care???m



Control issues, cause protecting the ones blow a lot of money, 2500 club.


They also control area by dinosaurs like all you get is einiosaurus is all you ever see in your area. You pop scent capsules. And 8 out of every 10 is same dinosaur. Not only am I posting here I’m going to start reposting all this on Instagram. See if they actually start fixing any of this.


Anyone that agrees with this repost it all over media, gram facebook, Twitter all of them. That’s what I’m doing this forum is controlled by them. Their support doesnt help any. Time to put our voices to real use let everyone know. Start posting negative reviews on google play. Till they take care of these problems.


If you’re wanting to do anything about it take it to social media. Low rate it on google play and put why in comments.

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Don’t complain to jw, if you do. You only get a scent ball every 5 or 6 days if you win the scent ball battle. Then all you get is useless enino’s. You start loosing battles to dinosaurs that are half your rating. They say picture is worth a 1,000 words. Here’s you a few.


8 more years before 1.7 comes… Lol


Another way you know they’re messing with your account. I ha e had this happen a lot but decided to take screenshots now to show how ludia meshes with your accounts. I write support get a sorry we’re working on it thank you for your patience. Nothing is fixed the dna you took isn’t put back. Last night before I went to bed is the one screenshot the other is when I woke up to collect the dna i requested.


The battles they still haven’t fixed my legend increased as it shows. Faster as his tarbo came in. Their system froze up. Cost me my legend and they got first shot on my tarbo? So much for VIP membership. Full signal on phone. Their system is terrible. Lost trophies which they won’t replace?


I’m gonna start a bug report series. I’ll post inside bug reports area. Let me prepare here… :smiling_imp:

Edit: I started my bug post series. Series name: “Bug of the Day”. :wink: