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New User + Incubator?


So, from what I’ve seen, is it true that you can only have one incubator running at a time? Because if so that’s slightly frustrating if I have to wait 3-8 hours every time for one when I can do (hundreds) of battles in that time. Thanks!


Yup, its one incubator at the time. However you have the Free one (6hr long) running at the same time, plus the one you open every 10 battles (once a day). Also the ones won during strike events. It is slightly frustrating that the battle ones can be opened one at a time but you can always use hard cash to speed them up.


Just note using game cash to unlock may delay slightly the epic incubator reward, as it doesn’t count towards the accumulation.

It does allow 1 or 2? unlock using cash, or by watching a short video.
I try to wait out the countdown, even for those 15 mins incubator.