New user level cap at 30? 🤔

I was just on youtube and the JWA video ad showed up, and I noticed this little detail in there… was it a mistake or is it something that is coming in the future?
Not sure if the level above the person is regarding their user level or what but seems like it could be something in the future…

Image 1 is lvl 20 user
Image 2 is lvl 30 user


Very interesting observation, hopefully this comes to both JW:A and JW: the game

I wonder what level I am at. Made level 20 about 9 months ago so I guess around 25-26?

Interesting. I’ve always wondered what would happen if the player level did increase. How would our xp be calculated?

thats if its retro lol.

It’s undoubtedly stored in the game (just not currently displayed). Just like PoGo shows me I have > 30,000,000 XP (level 40 is 20,000,000). So if they raise the level cap we will know our new levels instantly.

Good to know. Thanks.

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yeah but since they dont show it… why should they not start you at 20? plus this is not niantic, its ludia.

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It doesn’t make any sense… why punish loyal, long time players?

Haha, you made me evolve my brontotherium. And sure enough, XP is earned :wink:

lol. have they not shown you that loyalty and hard work doesnt mean jack?


I guess I’m the eternal optimist when it comes to this game (not in RL lol). :slight_smile:

yeah… just like when you max a lvl 30 and the fuse is over what you needed lol.

i am aswell but this question was brought up when players first hit lvl 20. they thought the game was over and designed that way lol.

They might raise dino level caps at one point. As for know I still fuse for my level 30 Suchotator… it helps with the rare DNA requirement for alliance missions (and I can donate it).

same here but i ran out of suchomimus some how lol. i dont see why they should increase the dino levels… it makes 0 sense. why make astronomical stat numbers?? its obvious they want us to use new creatures.

Yes and I honestly don’t want them to increase dino levels - how can we ever catch up to top players :laughing:

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They would NEED to store data for future potential level cap increases. If they forced everyone to start at an “even grounds” start if they were 20 but had been a veteran of the game, it would TECHNICALLY be possible to be incapable of reaching player level 30 or whatever until a new roster of creatures were introduced.

Let’s say, theoretically, someone wanted to (for funsies, bored completionists, etc) actually managed to level all dinosaurs to 30 or at least enough of them to 30 that, should player caps be risen, they could not be capable of earning enough experience by finishing their endgame goal, then what would Ludia do? The player would have already put in all the work they literally could so they need to have that data on-hand.

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Even if they increase it to 30 max you would still be at lvl 20. XP is not being gained past 20.

Ludia trying to make their ads looking like mafia city’s so we can make memes out of them.
What a move.

Just more poor planning if XP is not saved somewhere. They should have had higher player and dino levels in the first place rather then adding these boosts. I just love looking at my team with some close to level 30 and then at another team with level 22 and 23 uniques with a higher trophy count then me.

Sitting here with 300 attack boosts and close to 250 health and speed wondering if I should use equally on team or just dump as much as possible into thor.