New version crashes on iOS (iPhone X)


The latent version .1.17 crashes all the time. If you go away from the app and come back, crash. Switch from you team to the map and try to launch, crash.

Most seen error is “there is an update restart needed”.

Tried to reset the phone several time, game etc. Nothing works, game is unplayeble at the moment. A friend jas exactly the same problems.

When Will this be fixed?


All other type of iphone have the same problems :frowning: we must restart to play again. Sometimes we loose because our apps is crash :disappointed_relieved:


Is iT possible for you Guys to reply? You have time for new content but not to build a werking app?


Me and my friend has the iPhone SE and have no problems with it crashing but still get the occasional bug in battling or viewing one of our created dinosaurs.