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New version, new problem

Ok I downloaded the new version of the game but when I opened it the map was completely empty, am I the only one?


it’s supposed to still be in maintenance. we shouldn’t have been able to get in yet.


Same here.

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Same here, now it’s back in maintenance mode. Tried to battle, went to AI then just froze

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Ok, thank you! I was already panicking


I was just about to battle the new fangled Daybreak Gyrosphere too…
Well not really. I kinda knew better. LOL


Same problem, empty map.

Also noticed this

Perhaps a certain move was not nerfed after all

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The alliance missions status was empty too. I hope that’s what they are fixing now.

You can actually enter the game. For me it’s like this.

Cool picture though.

Picture is cool but I want to get in soon I have some leveling to get to.

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