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New VIP Aquatic creature

Ludia released a new Aquatic cave VIP creature.

I went ahead and purchased one at 50k VIP points (ugggh), so I could add it to the collection.

It seems to have different stats compared to all the other VIP aquatics which is a nice change.

Stats at level 40:

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Think I will buy this one too.
Although it will take a long time to evolve it (maybe never, I’ve been waiting for years for some VIP dinos to get additional specimens), since it is no member of the 10k VIP package. It will not contribute much to the strength of my team, but I want it in my collection.

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Same reason I went ahead and did it, it’s part of the team now but will be a long time before it is of any use.

Unless they either offer it as a trade in the harbor, add it to the 10k pack, offer it at a 20k pack in the future, or add it to the diamond prize for the prize drop. Outside of those options I won’t drop another 50k VIP for a second.

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If I’m not gonna see him again for a long time it is very likely that I will invest another 50k to get a second one.
I did this a few weeks ago to get a second Plotosaurus.

I’m gonna go ahead and get it too. I always get the 50k VIPs at least once when they’re available, and besides, if Ludia does decide to update the badges to include newer creatures, then getting this might help out.

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Whats it’s level 10 stats?

I have a bajillion aquatic VIP dinos that I keep at lvl 10 as to not powercreep my aquatic park.

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