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New VIP Benefits (months 13-18)

What does VIP Pass Packs contain?

Some resources and VIP buildings and/or decos.

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Wow, really impressed that they are listening to VIPs about how kind of disappointing the rewards for the first year were ( I pretty much NEVER use those Instant Recoveries), and have made some nice adjustments. Definitely will be hanging onto my VIP membership for the foreseeable future to take advantage of what’s coming up!

And really love the two new decorations too, those will definitely find a place in my park!


Did they fix it? I still see 3 and 3.

Nope mine still shows the 2 / 4 split.

Glad it’s not just me then, although Il take a fusion over a recovery, my recoveries barely got used at all

I started to accelerate my leveling based on the IR I had access to since as I level my creatures they are starting to take on multi day cool downs.

Well, I guess I was a little behind, but it happened to me too. Like you guys said though, I’m fine with another instant fusion over instant recovery. I’m still able to use my dinos multiple times a day, so no big deal to me right now.

@Ned, @Keith, @Daven will this get fixed with the update? Sounds like some folks don’t want it fixed but trying to figure out what happened. If it’s intended why not change the out months to get back to where you want the program to get to?

Hey Sionsith, our team is looking into this! :mag:


Any news that can be provided?

Hey Sionsith, I’ve checked with our team and unfortunately, I don’t have more info at the moment as our team is still investigating. :sweat:


Hey, I checked my VIP events calendar and noticed one of the prizes still says collect. I’m pretty sure I’ve claimed all my prizes. Also, I thought the countdown for your next one didn’t start until you collected the previous one? Either way, just wondering if anybody else sees this or did I just forget to collect it?

Yes that month popped back up again for a lot of us (everyone I’m assuming), the same time that we lost an Instant Recovery and gained another Instant Fusion. So yeah, you didn’t miss anything before.

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So I’m guessing nothing changes if I collect it? Or do we get those rewards again?


You’ll get a couple VIP buildings/decorations and I think some LPs for the pack too so by all means, collect it. Won’t change anything else though.


Cant wait for the next instant hatchery, thatl surely help with progress :facepunch:


Been researching for an awful long time…


I just poked our team again, @Sionsith. Unfortunately, no news yet. :frowning:

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I would think it would be as simple as what code was changed in update 50, the buildings had a total counter one way prior to the update and they changed after, so did the pictures for the months:

The code was changed, I am assuming there is a process by which changes are vetted and approved. Seems like a fairly easy thing to research and get an answer to. If it is not and programers can do whatever they want, please tell someone to add a building that when pushed adds 10,000 DB to your park give it a 1 week cooldown to line up with the other VIP buildings.