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New VIP Benefits

VIP Pass and Indoraptor Skylight are two things included in VIP Perks for the 9th and 12th month, I’m totally confused what these are. Any clue?


After 12 month of vip I will have 3 instant fusion and 2 instant hatchery.

Hopefully the vip pass is new vip dinosaurs, purusaurus heres hoping


I joined VIP late so I am still on 4th month

VIP Pass-Pack sounds to me like we get a Pack similar to the Gold Packs once.


Indoraptor Skylight is most likely an SDNA Factory buff. Between Instant Fusion and Instant Hatchery I’d go with Fusion. VIP Pass is a one time pack, so I’d go for the extra slot.

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I don’t think we have to select, I think all three will be obtained at the specific month.

that would be extra nice. but knowing ludia it’s probably going to be pick one.

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This is definitely not all the changes in update 46…

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It says “Exclusive Monthly Rewards” so I guess it’s all the benefits.

My guess is it’s all the benefits…

Those are new VIP decorations, will be interesting to see if they rival the Clock tower in strength. You can tell by the little flower icon on the month tag.

Also it looks like the VIP pass pack has a similar icon to the 35k VIP pack so hopefully there is a high value VIP creature in those packs.

Of course I speculate this getting updated in my video I did yesterday but won’t get posted tell today, oh well that part of the video will be out dated.


All for VIP None for normal

Hence the VIP membership, all non VIP players got extra levels, more plots of land, new creatures coming, and new decorations. Of course at no cost :+1:t2::+1:t2:


I think to get more people to play they need a update that give normal people good stuff like when the game cane out the next few updates added more deco buildings and creatures but now for us it’s just New creatures nothing much else but for VIP there are so much happening every month you get something new and exclusive buildings creatures deco maybe one day they might even give a VIP island with cool stuff but normal people get level cap increase and more extension on isla sorna they need to use stuff on the main island isla nublar

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They need some more revenue towers with all this extra land. Anyone else feel this way?


As someone who joined VIP just to grind out one more event for my first CoT, I can confidently say that this game can be played without a VIP membership too, just need to grind a bit harder. @Predator_X and @anon43877113 are two non-VIPs who I’ve seen work really well without the membership.

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I agree with you, Sionsith… For the price of the membership, VIP is worth it. If the game gives out too many perks to non-VIPs then what’s the point of even going for a membership? At least, unlike some games, this one is playable without payment.

For those like us who really love this game and are ready to support Ludia, the benefits are worth it and fair enough.


10 bucks a month or whatever it is for everything they hand over for it is worth it. The bugs effect vip and non vip the same so might as well get the perks if the 10 bucks doesnt bother you.

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definitely is worth it but im just a bit broke.


Question, the next VIP benefit avaliable (month 6) looks like an extra SDNA slot, but when I look in the SDNA building, it says month 9. Am I missing something? Which is it?