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New VIP member - Supply Drop Prizes


Hi all!

First off, I really enjoy the JW Alive! App. I probably play it more than any other game on my phone, and it’s something my young children share interest in too. Well designed, lots of fun!

So, I signed up for the VIP membership the other day, and I was under the impression the user has a higher chance of receiving the hard cash prize from supply drops more often. Since I have signed up, I have probably opened around 100 boxes and have received the 10 hard cash one time. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Please share your experiences.



It is pretty rare, it’s certainly not a 1 in 3 chance as suggested by the image on the 3rd side of the supply drop.

Far more common to get darts or coins.


I am still trying to figure out what I am getting from the VIP membership…


Honestly, if you want the hard cash, just find a park with a bunch of event SDs, do a couple laps spinning those, get your daily hard-cash and go home. No VIP needed.


I get the limit of $40 cash every day. Took about an hour today. Maybe there is a different limit per level?


I get the 10 cash probably about 1 out of ten to twenty boxes. I once got it three times in a row! But that only happened once