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New VIP package offer

Has anyone already tried this new package?

First I thought that it’s a good one because you can get a 50k VIP for 15k less. But the possible DNA and bucks rewards are only 500 and 100 compared to 7,500 and 1,500 in the original 50k package. I wonder if this new offer is only temporarily or permanent.

By the way: I bought a 10k VIP package and like others mentioned I got only 325 (x4) loyalty points. If they did this intentional…well I would need to wash my mouth with soap if I publish my thoughts on this.


Yeah, telling us we will get 4X points on “everything” and then dropping the points on packs so you don’t is pretty back-handed. I’m not sure how the points on the pack changing could be anything other than intentional.

I still am not at a point where I spend that many LPs regardless, but considering that there’s a not insignificant chance of not even getting the DNA and/or DB cards in these packs, seems like it could be a good way to add some 50K creatures at a discount, if you don’t care over much about which ones you get.

I went ahead and emptied my VIP stash on these 35k packs.
5x stygimoloch, enough to make a 40.
4x plotosaurus, enough to make 40.
3x metoposaurus, already got a 40.
2x proceratosaurus, already got 40.
1x tusethius, enough to make a 20.
1x pteroaustro, one away from making a 40.

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How many loyalty points did you get per pack?

2600 VIP pts


I wonder if that means it was fixed?

I think @DinoStan is saying that’s how many VIP points there were for the 35k pack, not the 10k?


I’m extremely hesitant to buy a whole bunch of 10k packs right now if the LPs are slashed that significantly. Which is a shame because it’s this exact opportunity that we’ve had before that I was saving mine up for this time.

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@BruceRex, it indeed looks like a bait and switch by Ludia.
Simple math, 2 x 1/2 = 1
You halve the regular reward, then double it, and call it a promo?
Anyway, I went for the 35k packs really for the dinos inside, with VIP-pt rebates as an afterthought.
Was hoping for a kangaroo, but didn’t get one.
One more pterodaustro would’ve been nice.
But then, we do need targets to play for, right?
Otherwise, ultimate boredom would set in right away.
Just my 2 cents. :sunglasses:

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Thank… God I have every VIP maxed so
I can abstain from this offer. Don’t get me wrong- seems tempting even despite the draw backs, but I’m just glad that I don’t have to make a decision on this.

@DinoStan - exactly what I was thinking. I don’t have the 50ks maxed out, so I guess that might be a good use for all my LPs since the same bonus we received before won’t apply this time during the week of celebrating VIPs…

I’m just overall undecided which VIPs I’m most interested in. My main goals for the game are collecting. And just need to own at least one of each. Which I’ve done for a while. I guess I need to find a new game goal! lol. Beyond just collecting. :slight_smile:

My goals are probably some mixture of collecting and battling.
Maxing out every single dino type definitely isn’t.
What I’ve done is keep myself competitive in battles by staying close to a level 10 indoraptor (below, actually), build up a few top dinos for each category for balance, then many more lower-level versions for tourneys.
(For Aquatics and Cenozoics, level 40 VIPs are the top cap; some of those hybrids simply cost too much DNA , and I don’t need them.)
Like this last Edestus tourney, I barely used my level 30 VIPs (much less the 40s), because the ones right below were more than enough.
My new goal actually sounds counterintuitive: to now “go back” and start hatching those non-hybrid, not-so-powerful (or fierce) dinos and learn to enjoy the beauty of the graphics.

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That would actually be closest to what mine is as well. I’m at almost a dozen level 11 Indo’s. And otherwise just try to have 5 from each other group about that level for balance. One of my goals has been to have cooldowns that are for sure under 24 hours, ideally under 14 so I can use them twice a day. I honestly haven’t ever leveled any of my VIPs up to level 40. I use my level 30 VIPs for tournaments and being able to use them twice a day is all I use. Pair a level 30 VIP with a level 40 SR and a level 40 legendary and win pretty much every tournament battle.

Ceno and Aquatic, all three classes for each of them are balanced at the level of a level 30 VIP. Within 5-8% of ferocity of all of each other - at least the top 5 for each class are.

So… sticking with my collecting habits… I’ve been just trying to fill every paddock to max starting with the lower ones. Thank you for such a detailed response!


I think I initially leveled up some of my Jurassic VIPs to 40 to try to keep up with the indoraptor.
For the most part, they suffice, although now I’ve built up some hybrids to come alongside the 10 indo.

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