New weekly dinos 6/25


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This week dinos

Yaaaaas all the girls here to join Blue :smiley: and Baryonyx again? That IS surprising.


Yeah, really awesome … full (8) Raptor Teams incoming.


Oh come on, they are rares, I doubt people will use them in higher arenas, but it’s lovely to be able to have the whole raptor squad in your collection. They were all so cute <3


Players - velo and other raptors are OP!!!
Solution - let’s release Blue and 3 more raptors to balance it out! :rofl:


You don’t need a high LV Team for 7th Arena … all you need are enough Raptors. Trust me, I’m almost there with average Lv. 12 (kinda like base Epics). As long as they got Pounce, it’s fine.


@lyra Baryonx and Postimetrodon also make the new hybrid. So theyre back to “heres a trickle of dna towards a hybrid” weekends


Well, yes, I’m going to agree with all of you, full raptor teams can get very annoying very fast. What they need to do is balance so that raptors are not so op. But I can’t gomplain about having delta, echo and charlie because I love them as characters. Come on, at least I’m here first because I like the movies, and I thought many players were aswell. So I can’t help fangirling about having the squad back together instead of lonely blue.


Just a notice, if you want some additional DNA for Blue, that new special showcase is obviously a trap.
Without specific creature guarantee, and 4 epic species out there, it’s more difficult to got DNA for Blue than last week incubator.

Also…Kentrosaurus, really? It got only 0% armor…:thinking:


Believe me full raptor teams may get you to arena 7 but as soon as you get close to top 500 you will get eaten alive by lv30 bot enemies and players which use tanks and immune dinos because they will survive the pounce and either one shot you if they are immune (looking at you secodontosaurus and indominus rex) or slow you down and snack you next round. So yeah raptors are great but not unbeatable :wink:


Betting that the next Rare incubator will be “Get your raptor squad from the movie!” “And a chance of getting the their Epic leader Blue”


I got to Arena 7 with quiet a.average team. L15 stegosaurus, stegaceratops and einiasuchus and the rest level 11 and 12. Even my raptor is only 12. The key is to know your creatures abilities and use them to counter your opponent. Psychology also plays a part, try to work out what your opponent is likely to do and choosing appropriately.

Besides, I would choose a stegosaurus over a raptor any day. No


Ah nice, need to continue growing my dino list :slight_smile: sitting on 64 out of 101 :slight_smile:


I am so disappointed in the new weekly lineup. I love the movies but I HATE that they’re bringing in movie characters. They should not be treating the movie raptors as separate dinosaurs. If anything, the vraptor should just come in extra colors. I was already pretty over the Blue hype, and now it’s just three more days of this nonsense. Not to mention players on this forum have already been complaining nonstop about raptors, and now it’s just going to increase.

And Baryonyx again? I don’t care that he can help make a hybrid. They should have gone more than one week before shoving him into the lineup again.


does anyone else not have this incubator? i only have one called HEAVY ARMOR that gives a chance of Blue


That’s the one that’s showing for me, too.


Yea pretty cool to look at and have but not heavys or able to make a hybrid with those 3 that I know of yet!



Does somebody have an picture of this weeks dinos? I clicked away and forgot to screenshot and cant find it again.