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New Wild Card Type Dinosaur

So while waiting on Scutosaurus to hybridize, I created a potential hybrid for it. I mixed up Alloraptor with Scutosaurus and created Scutoraptor. Here it is.

4000 Health
1350 Damage
120 Speed
20% Armor
10% Critical Chance

Revenge Decelerating Impact
Revenge Rending Takedown (On Revenge No Delay)
Definite Impact

100% Deceleration
100% Swap Prevention
50% Stun
25% Distraction
Possible Design:
Alloraptor body, with Scutosaurus head, larger body, longer and wider legs, and a longer tail. Also has the horns from Alloraptor, with spines along the back. Mainly colors of Alloraptor, but with lines of blue running from the spines to the underbelly, similar to how Purussaurus Gen 2’s stripes are.

Possible Description:
This strange hybrid is an omnivore. Due to it having some raptor dna, Scutoraptor is usually found in packs of 6 to 10 individuals. With Scutoraptor having thicker skin and a bulkier body, it uses this to help bring down large prey items. Scutoraptor has been observed to float in water, and scientists think this is a way Scutoraptors have found to cool off.

Leave your thoughts below. Hope you enjoy!


I guess revenge takedown :R no delay

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Yes. I can put that in the description


I mean revenge rending takedown

Ok. It is now in the description. Thank you for pointing that out!

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Don’t tell grymm about the pack hunting

I dont get the joke. Sorry

It’s just a warning

Calling RNG to guide my crit.

Btw NICE hybrid

Thanks. What do you like and dislike?

I like the floating and the wild card overall

I think it’s a bit too good. What exactly would be countering this thing? It can cleanse DoT while dealing damage, decelerate speedsters, Distract fierce creatures, tank hits with shields and armour, hit through shields and armour with multiple moves, bypass evasion and of course deal tons of damage with the Rending move.

Ill change it. Though it would remove the wild card though.

And that’s without mentioning the resistances

It doesn’t necessarily need to lose all those abilities, just have scaled-down versions of some of them. It should be decent at a bunch of roles instead of excellent at everything.

Got it. I could use Definite Impact and Distraction instead. So how is it now, with Definite Impact and Distraction?

It’s definitely much more reasonable than before.

Ok. I thought is was a bit much, but I wasn’t sure. This should be better, and now it has some distraction resistance as well, due to only having a 50% chance to not be stunned.