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New wonderful updates

Hi team, thanks for the wonderful updates. Unfortunately, I wish that you would fix all the original bugs first, gauntlet timer never properly counting the time, brawls constantly throwing me out.

There is very little point in introducing wonderful new dragons and features when the basics just don’t work properly and I get so many duplicate dragons that I see very little point in continuing. I have about 230 dragons but cannot get excited about collecting 50 - 80 duplicate dragons before getting a new dragon. Why is this? Well card packs give me the same dragons over and over and over and over and over. I am tired of the same basic dragons. Build a new one you say, well I would, but 5 out of my building dragons are duplicates too and everytime I get a choice for a new dragon to build, I have both.

I do not want the chance to get more unique night lights, why can’t I train my existing night lights to be teenagers?

I understand that you have built this game to make money, but think that if you were a little bit more generous with some things then you may hold my interest for longer. I have played for 2 years, and was considering becoming a dragon rider, however now that seasonal rewards are no longer included with this, I’m not interested.

Looking for a new game over Christmas as I can’t see my feedback making any difference, which again is disappointing.

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You have to remember that Dreamworks also drive the decisions.

It’s likely they’ll have wanted separate Dragons to promote Nine Realms.

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