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New World is recruiting above 4000 bp and active



Trying to Join your clan but it’s full

IGN: Toitle#3503


i have sent you an invite. still got openings. leave a message here if you wish to join.


Oh please resend invite


clain is full but still recruiting above 4000. will remove below 3.5k to make way for 4k and above


Hey there.
If possible I’d like to join you guys. 4.8k and active. KingRuffy #8891


@kingRuffy invited.

clan is full but those above 4000 and still interested to join pls leave your ign and game tag. i will make space


Hey bro, can you sent me an invite? I can still improve my dragons but I have absolutely horrible luck with drafts… As you can see I have only 2 4☆ dragons… but I hope it will change


hey! why you remove me from this clan?? my viking name is: Nakhli
just why???