New Year Event Missing(?) Components

I can’t help but notice there was a reverting of the way events have been done for these seasonal dragons with this most recent event, for New year Stormfly. As someone who already had enough of them, the issues with the chests were only a distraction from something else, as I like collecting runes for future events: The missing “Bring your own” and “Try out” quest line during the New year Stormfly event, is a bit of a bummer.
I know most of the team is probably working on the Disney game now, so you are probably just a few people working on a game with thousands of players… But if you could please squeeze in a make up bring your own new year stormfly event in the next couple weeks, that would be appreciated, thank you.
Even if you don’t get to that, if you could also make sure and check that this isn’t going to happen again I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and have a nice day.


Thanks, Cretinous_Martyr. I’ve shared this with our team!