New Year New Improvements Please!

  1. Dracorex Gen 2: Swap in defense shattering rampage. Why would a common get that kind of a swap in move when uniques and legendaries don’t even have that?

  2. Every update brings more glitches. Can you fix at least one glitch per update? Battle damage calculator is still inaccurate, long invincibility still glitches strike events, info button still doesn’t work on supply drops most of the time, speed indicator is still screwed up, friendly battles aren’t working, alliance chat’s full of glitches. If you select a move too close to 0 on the timer, it auto selects the first move. This is 1.5. How many glitches should we anticipate in 1.6?

  3. Alliance feature is so below basic. Not being able to see when an alliance member was last on? Not being able to see received vs donated? Not being able to promote anyone? The chat filters are completely ridiculous and same goes for alliance name as well as description. This is the most ridiculously filtered game.

  4. The daily challenges are laughable. The rewards for them are even more laughable.

  5. It is almost 2019 and Irritator is still locked up. What did it do to deserve this?

/rant and Happy holidays :fireworks:


All of these! (Especially #5)

With regards to #4 … it’s free stuff. Why complain?

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It’s free stuff but is a new feature that is completely underwhelming. The daily challenges are just a laundry list of things to do for tiny rewards. They’re neither challenging nor rewarding.

Free stuff? What can you do with 25 coins and $3? To be perfectly honest I would SO much rather forfeit those “laughable” (agreed) rewards and just not have that obnoxious notification badge on my screen.

I thought “daily challenges” would actually be something fun and, you know…challenging. Not just a short list of all the things we ALL do every day while playing anyway.

I admit its easy to criticize things that are underwhelming, so does anyone have any fun suggestions for Ludia to improve daily challenges? Perhaps some scattered events on the map? Maybe a new dino every day that rewards 2x DNA when darted? Ideas? Anyone?

That’s actually kind of the reason I’ve been trying to complete them, lol. For me, the red number in the corner is distracting.

Some ideas for challenges:

  1. Friendlies with a certain dinosaur (commons/rares to be fair), but of course that’d require friendly battles to be working.
  2. Number of direct hits?
  3. Possibly bigger/longer challenges that are similar to the achievements.
    ***As they have in the past, they can send out a survey/poll to hear everyone’s opinions.
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The one I would agree with most is #2. Only I think that the disconnect issues should be tackled first. You can’t rightly have a game when you can’t play it.

Fix stability first, then follow up with the other bugs.

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Yes, that has been another issue. I get disconnects during matchmaking searches, which sometimes lead to battle glitches also.

The best improvement would be Ludia starting to care about their customers and stop only seeing cash cows but players in them.

Yes, I agree. They’ve proven themselves to be a cash-grab company by focusing more on switching up the meta than to fix bugs. With all of the changes that took place in the latest update, they’ve managed to fix practically none of the issues from the update before and added a few more. The latest additions are also pretty half-baked. They could have easily made alliance much better by including features that alliances in other games have.