New Year - New Start (Boost Reset)

With the new year coming in I’d like to suggest a boost reset to start the year fresh!! We are all starting to unlock some of the new Apex creatures and I’m sure we’d like to use them in the arena. Plus getting some of the newly added dinos leveled up I’d like to use as well. Why not start the new year with a fresh start? Let us rearrange our teams and get 2021 off to a GREAT start - after 2020 I’m sure we could all use it!!


I really hope this happens, don’t know for how long tho, since last time we had a couple of days, I think

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Why bother? I’m just gonna throw 133 speed onto my Thor again :money_mouth_face:

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We don’t want boost reset but boost reshuffle hehehehe


Hoping for a boost reset too , but with a revamp to speed boosts, happy new year…

Not convenient at the moment, there was already a boost reset a few months ago, if you want more raises, buy them from the store or wait for them to be delivered at the supply drops.

Lol and stay in the aviary eternally with it


Guess what is also on Jan 1st? The start of the Antarctopelta tourney.

I dun think there will be a reset because no one is working at Ludia this week or the next.

No just please No, I’m tired of facing overboosted creatures in aviary against my barely boosted creatures

Why? So you can stay in aviary and have a thor that can’t be used in raids?


My thoughts exactly

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As you said though, this is not something that we could not plan ahead… It’s been months, so many players knowing that this would happen started keeping a stock of boosts for this simple reason. So basically, you’re saying: “use your boosts anywhere anytime and ask for a boost reset” instead of “plan ahead if you know that you eventually will have a dino you’ll want to boost…” I thought this was a strategy game, but I guess I’m wrong…

Ludia, just a crazy idea, but how about we get a one day boost reset on new years day as a kind of new years resolution. The meta is moving so fast and has changed quite a bit since the last boost reset i feel that the chance of a single day boost reset would come in really useful. Thanks :smiley: