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New Year, New Us

Hey there, it a me, Fiddle. And no, this doesn’t have anything to do with politics and stuff…

So yeah, happy new year and such. I’m hear to tell you guys what I have seen this…Half year, on me, I started looking on this website in June.

Hmm… let me check…OH! " explain this ludia", " Ludia, stop this", “UUGH”, “really ludia?!?”.

" Man Fiddle, your such a boomer!"
No, I’m a neanderthal. But srsly, why so much complaints! I went through this website, looked at all the complaints, and drew a line every time I saw one. And guess what I made…Guess! Ready?.. 12 tanks, because tanks are something to worry about if they ain’t your guys’s tanks. What I am getting here is, ludia does all they can to make you happy, all I’m saying.


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Me: ( Sees tanks come up hill)

Thomas the TANK Engine starts playing

Sorry, the forums are only available in English.


Where is the skip button?


How dar you say thou words, which it as mine

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You know who him is thar ther


Why you don’t

              I do cause no think

What the heck happened there?

No clue but it was fun…

No not that, the white on the words.

Oak Hay By E

Sweet! Cheers for the reassurance fella! Any idea what date boosts are going?

Also close this one, sorry, just cleaning up some trash