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New Year Stormfly Spreadsheet

Revised: Jan. 12th, 2020

The spreadsheet assumes that all nodes in each Trust Trial are completed.

For each Duty chest, Flight Club members get a whopping 75 Trust Points (TP) compared to the measly 15 TP that non-Flight Club players get.

Flight Club members can easily obtain 3 copies of the legendary dragon. Non-Flight Club players will have to work a lot harder since the Duty chest gives less TP.

The spreadsheet is divided into 3 sections. The top part shows the common area. The green section in the middle shows the values for Flight Club members. The orange section at the bottom shows the amounts for non-Flight Club players.

Good luck everyone! Don’t wait till the last minute to get those final Trust Points.


Trust points should given in higher increments for a real chance to come close to obtaining the event (s) dragon. The event time is too short to get 3 or 4 trust points per win. This really needs to be balanced out. I’ve only 600+ trust points out of 1000 for the Snoogltauge(?) Toothless. I played often but TP ratio for each win is just too low.
Thank you for listening and sharing with the developers.

I was thinking for those not so active players, is it able for them to complete 2 duties chest everyday. No offense but I do think even with FC subscription I might still need to do some rune restart to get 3 copies of one-off event dragons.

Chapter 2 started today it started at 4( was 5 days) days. Has ludia shrunk our ability to get 3 copies of dragons now? (Short of spending MORE ruins).

Hello @WALLE

The New Year Stormfly event is very similar to the Snoggletog Toothless event. The 2nd chapter of the Snoggletog Toothless event was also 4 days long.

The schedule posted by Ludia shows that the 2nd chapter runs through Thursday, Jan. 9th. Actually, the 2nd chapter ends on Friday, Jan. 10th at 9am EST.

The Snoggletog Toothless event was a little easier because players received 170 trust points via the Gift of the Night Fury.

Unfortunately, non-Flight club players will need to do more restarts to acquire all of the trust points for this legendary event dragon.


Enjoy your post every time. Thanks!

So the spreadsheet is not accurate then?

In what way would the spreadsheet be inaccurate?As far as i can see its correct (Though it does assume that you start at the time the event starts and you make sure to do the free reset every 23 hours, which may not be something most people do)

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I have adjusted the spreadsheet to match Ludia’s schedule for the event.

@WALLE Thank you for your input.

If you do all the free restarts at 23 hours you could get 6 in chapter 1, 5 in chap 2 and if it finished Wed 9 am EST (2pm GMT) you can get 6 in there. The 2nd chapter began yesterday but chap 1 final restart was also available in the morning. They overlap. Still extremely hard to get 3 copies if not FC.

@NightLight4 You are correct and that is why the spreadsheet used to show the overlap.

The problem is that players are spread out all over the world.

For example, Wednesday 9am EST in New York, USA is Thursday 1am AEDT in Sydney, Australia.

So, it can be confusing to some players to show the overlap.

To keep things simple, I am just going to have the spreadsheet align with Ludia’s posted schedule.

It takes a lot of effort to get the dragons. I completed 4 copies of Snoggletog Toothless without spending a single rune. I already have one copy of New Years Stormfly and 500 into the second copy. Just takes consistent playing and effort to make sure you get 2 duty chest a day. If your a flight club member and assume you get 2 chests a day. That’s 2100 TP over the 14 day event. So you only need 900 TP from the quests.

I don’t have FC, and I only managed to get 2 copies of each special event dragon so getting a third would cost some runes since I have trouble opening 2 chests a day.

If I did enough to open a chest in the morning early enough to have 8 hours before I had to go to sleep, I wouldn’t have enough energy to do NYS quest and certainly not enough to then do all the quests for the 2nd chest… at least not every day. Sometimes it all falls into place, done enough the day before to open 1st one very quickly. If duties include get fish I might be ok for 2nd. Doesn’t happen often…

Yes, resources duties like gold, fish and eggs were easier to complete when there were side quests try out/bring your own… now i need to spend 25-30 energy to get 60 eggs duty completed…so it slows down obtaining keys for chests