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New Years Stormfly abilities

Hello, has anyone else realized that New Years Stormfly second ability to counter dmg is useless? Due to their third ability to increase def (pretty much invincibility), they would only get hit 0-1 dmg… so the counter dmg would also only hit 0-1 dmg back.

I am a bit confused to why this is the case. Was this intentional, or was this a mistake? Please comment below.

I could be wrong, but as far as I’m aware Counterattack damage doesn’t depend on the dmg the dragon receives, but on its attack stat.

Else, if you’d hit a dragon with a tile for which there is no corresponding dragon (absent dragon tiles that only deal 1 dmg) then you’d receive no Dmg from the counterattack (and that is definitely not the case at the moment)

I see, I will investigate further with this! Thanks :slight_smile:

Nvm, no matter what I do it doesn’t change the fact that it always does 0 dmg for counterattack… sigh, I believe they should change that ability or fix it somehow because it’s useless and makes the dragon less valuable.

I have tested it in arena practice mode and that’s not what I see. It can indeed deal some counterattack damage.

The 158 damage is counterattack damage from stormfly.

Hmm… I guess I thought counterattack also works when other dragons uses their abilities… but it only counterattack normal atk and not the special ability atk.

Would you say that’s true? Only counterattack normal atks?

Of course only counter normal attacks. Even this is enough to make tricky two heads one of the most notorious defense team dragons.