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New Zealand Victim Support Charity Stream


Hi everyone, Pocemon here, I’m sure many of you have heard the horrific news out from New Zealand where peace was attacked by hate. I was hoping that we as the Jurassic World Alive community can come together and help support the families who have been affected by this tragedy. I will be hosting a JWA Charity Stream in 30 minutes (1:30 Pacific Time) here:
to help out the families harmed in this incident.
All proceeds will go to which you can also donate to. Any and all donations, even the smallest efforts are appreciated but don’t be pressured to do so if you don’t have the means, still come in support of the families in this very hard time for the Muslim community.


It’s pretty bad. If I heard correctly 49 people got killed. :cry::cry::cry::cry:


I would join the stream but no point in donating to a streamers channel when i get blocked from commenting for mentioning his change to apex predators :joy:


That being said. Prayers go out to all those affected. Horrible days we live in

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It is a tragic event, and we mods don’t want to see this post turn into a political discussion. This is not the place or time for that. Let’s all take a moment and spare a thought for the victims’ families and friends.

Unfortunately, we not been able to verify this charity. Donate and watch at your own risk. Alternatively please consider donating to a local blood drive. Even if you’re not in New Zealand it really does help.

Thank you to @Pocemon for putting this together.


Thank you J.C, the site was up a few hours ago but the influx of kinda hearted donations for the moment being might have overwhelmed the site. If the site does not come back up in due time, the proceeds will be directed to:!/


Thank you everyone for joining and supporting the cause, the site is back up and I will be donating the funds, 80$ which we’ve raised, to the page as soon as I get back from my Dino hunting.


Thank you everyone for joining me this afternoon, as our community raised over $100 to help the families of the victims of this horrible tragedy. Hopefully, this shows our solidarity with the victims and keep #NewZealandStrong!



Thank you Pocemon- New Zealand is in our prayers!


At least 207 dead in attacks at Easter in Sri Lanka. Is there a JWA charity stream today from Pocemon?


You post this like there need to be sides to helping those faced with tragic events. If you have a link to a credible group out there that provides aid to these u fortunate victims or their families please share it.