Newb seeking active alliance

So long story short; I started playing the game bout 2 weeks ago because I had a friend who’s really into it, aaaaand now I’m kinda on my own…

The long story itself;
A while in and the alliance he brought me to is… well… full and dead… but hes here for the pretty dinosaurs and not really the social type to begin with so he didn’t notice until I pointed out no one seemed to be active in the alliance for over 2 months if the last online timestamps were to be believed.

Arite, cool so we decided to split off, and make our own alliance yay! And dragged a couple friends into it so we weren’t just awkwardly on our own.

Friend 1; huge paleo nerd if its dinosaur related he probably knows it. Works in retail which just got SLAMMED by new covid restrictions in my area… barely has time to play anymore.

Friend 2; works at a clinic… uh… I’m sure you get where that went…

Friend 3; works in a mortuary and funeral service, and has not had time to play since she booted up a game and started playing.

Sooooo I’m basically on my own again, and thought I would try looking for a new alliance. I really really really wana get into one that has more than just me as an active member and I’ve seen lots of “you must meet these requirements dundundun” ads for alliances and I’d like to secure a place in a new one before leaving the current one… even if it’s just until my friends can find time to play again.

My specs:

IGN; NihteDark #8612

I am; a lowly level 9, my best dinosaur is a level 16 velociraptor-cause I see em lots- and i dont really know a lot about the game yet… but m trying and I’m having fun.

I’m kind of a not quite competitive, not quite casual type and on medical leave with basically nothing better to do than harass helpless dinosaurs with darts for hours on end.

I have made it far enough in campaign mode to do raids, but I have not actually gotten to do more than get awkwardly squished once by a sinoceratops because I didn’t have any help with the fight- (though I managed to take about 2/3 of his health bar out which I feel like is an accomplishment muahaha…?) And I have not yet gotten to where ever I need to get to try tournaments but I have wracked up 1109 trophies in PVP so hopefully that counts for something.

Anyway, thanks for coming to see my word vomit attempt at finding somewhere active owo

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Let’s chat about you joining us. Happy to help you grow and we’ve got a good growing alliance.

Neat what’s it called? Owo I’m all for adventure right now heheh

I’ll PM you now

Okies lookin forward to the details ^-^ hopefully I can figure out the PM system I’m a little new to the forums too lol

You’ll see a 1 icon on your name image at the top right

Can you message me on Discord pls atDaylan2003#1265, we can talk there ,it’s easier and more convenient

if you are still looking for alliance! MyVeryWaitJurassicfes is a good alliance. and looking for members who are active !! weekly hatcheries 7-8 / 9

Honestly I think you would work really well in JWA Paleontology. We try to help lower level players progress in the game quickly. We have a passionate active community that would probably be a great place for you. I’m trying to advertise this alliance to you because most larger alliances have vigorous rules that a lower-level player like yourself may not enjoy. Please contact me via discord: MINMI#4136 or PM on the forums. Thanks for your consideration :smiley:

If you’re looking for kind and dedicated group that will stick with you through thick and thin. You can see our basic requirements at Do you want to be a Northern Raptor? and contact us by either DM’ing me here, or the discord labeled in the ads. Winter is coming brothers, we must stay strong.

Thanks all I joined one ^-^ just thought I should say :smiley:

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Good job! I hope you enjoy playing the game more and your new co-members will treat you well~