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Newbie questions - 1st day playing JWA

Hi everyone

Today is my first day playing JWA. Yay!

I’ve done the tutorial and have just been darting dinosaurs so far. Am at level 2.

Some questions for the veterans of the game.

1} is there a good team of dinos to collect right now?
2) should I create all and level up all dinosaur?
3) should I go ahead and battle now or wait or…?
4) any other websites for info? I saw some YouTube videos on the game but those look high levelled and experienced players.
5) I understand there are alliances to join. Is this a must?
6) what other things / resources should a newbie know.

Thanks. Sorry for these questions. Just want to start the game the right way. Don’t wanna make too many mistakes.

Pics of what I have darted so far.


Dart and create everything you can. Use the gamepress tier list to help build your team in the future and stay familiar with the meta. This way you can be able to set long term goals with relative ease. Try to find a combat strategy that works for you and player the Dinos that have the synergy to pull it off.

Other than that, find a good alliance and have fun


First, get suchotator. Really strong early game creature. Try to also get some other rare hybrids like Purrolyth and einiasuchus (as these 2 will come in handy). Next, try to get procerathomimus. For this, you should start to battle ASAP to get as much proceratosaurus. Also, try to get Indom gen 2. It’s the strongest epic in the game and is end-game viable. Look for majungasaurus and wait until night for echo. Level up eniasuchus and suchotator to level 10 (although it’s not bad if you over level suchotator a bit)to get their hybrids. Thylacotator is really good when you start to include boosts and sarcorixis is really strong with or without.

Don’t try to level everything just yet so you can save up on coin and join an alliance as they can help you out when it comes to getting things like sarco for sarcorixis.


This will help! Welcome and have fun


Be aware that there are going to be days where you’re going to have a lot of bad luck, especially when the seasonal resets come around and knock the higher players down a few leagues.

Keep your team well balanced, keep an eye out on other players’ strategies and teams to see what works for them and if they might work for you. Gun for the hybrids that are the easiest for you to make first, especially the ones with hybrid ingredients that will regularly spawn in on a fairly daily basis in and around the zone you live and/or work in. And as tempting as it might be, save your boosts until you start unlocking several Uniques.

It’s a long road to get up to the top leagues, but just remember, you’ll get there eventually!

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Pokefodder and gaming beaver on you tube… Comes with in cash game as well. Jurassic world alive in discord a gaming server by game press also twitter and fb. Don’t level everything up no need. Also the jwa field guide on the app store as well. It would help if you were accepted into an alliance as well


Dart everything even if you don’t need it. At some point in the future it may get a hybrid or someone in your Alliance might request it.

Spin all the supply drops too. Max out their supplies if you can.

Team composition depends on how competitive you want to be. You’ll find a lot of people here can help you out with that and they’ll give you good advice.

Welcome to Jurassic World Alive :t_rex::sauropod:

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To answer your questions specifically:

1: not yet, in general the highest level creatures you have will be nice in your team
2: yes, create everything, it’s free. But don’t level up everything when you’re not planning on using them, it might be a waste of coins
3: yes, battle. You will get incubators as rewards when you win with nice rewards
5: no but it has many benefits. You can request and donate for DNA and coins. Shared sanctuaries are also very nice for extra DNA.
6: dart everything you can, especially if it’s blue or yellow on the map. Most aspects of the game speak for themselves and you’ll learn as you go. Also, check the sanctuary guide on Gamepress.

Just have fun, explore and find as many species as you can!


I’d also suggest downloading the JWA field guide…awesome tool…


Thanks for the tips everyone. I’ve downloaded the JWA field guide and bookmarked the Gamepress site. And will do as what many suggested about the game mechanics.

Really appreciate you guys welcoming a newbie like me.

  1. There is always a ‘meta’ going on in this game, which is what creatures are most prominent in the arena. The current meta is Immune, with the two towers known as Ardentismaxima and Geminititan being the key players in this meta. There are many creatures that you can use, so everyone has their own unique teams. Get what suits you best.

  2. Yes, you should create more creatures to level up. However, don’t over level certain creatures past their hybrid levels.

3)Yes, you should battle as frequently as possible. You can earn coins and go up arenas to gain better incubator rewards.

4)As many others before me have mentioned: and feel free to join their discord:

5)An alliance will help you greatly with alliance Mission rewards as well as donations, and though you can’t access it currently, Alliance Championships are another reason to be in an alliance. Read about Alliance Championships here:

6)Suchotator, Gorgosuchus, Diplotator are great hybrids to use for starters. A useful resource is the Jurassic World Alive Field Guide. Have a balanced team, don’t create a team that consists of speedsters only despite how tempting it is in the lower arenas.

P.S:Links will be added later


Welcome to JWA. Biggest tip is have fun. This early in the game is the best time to experiment with creatures as you’ll be creating a lot of them.

Dart everything, even if you don’t need it now. Someone else might want it, and you can swap it for coins in an alliance.

Try to keep a balanced team. A team of only one class of dino is going to fall short against something.

Try to do everything in the game per day. Spin stops and maximize the rewards in them. Do whatever strike towers you can as they give out dna if you complete them.

Battle in the arena. You get incubators that can have arena exclusive dna in them. Incubators are on a set rotation. You can find that here:

The cycle only moves forward if you have an open slot to add another.

early game hybrids such as Suchotator, diplotator, einiasuchus and even gorgosuchus are all great to use and will help your team grow

Though not a must, joining an alliance will help you gain dna and coin for just playing the game. Alliances have 2 cooperative incubators that they level up throughout the week by doing tasks in the game such as darting, battling, or using sanctuary items. everyone in the alliance can collect these rewards on Monday. Members in an alliance can also request common or rare dna from others. donating some will net you some coins. Another set of dna that an alliance will receive is once a month at the end of the month. Part of the Alliance Championships, where members participate in tournaments to gain points. The championships give out all the component dna to make that specific unique creature with higher level rewards giving more.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all have to start somewhere. Veterans like to pass down their knowledge onto newbies to make their gaming experience go more smoothly. If there’s a tower you’re having trouble beating or a creature you can’t seem to figure out how to beat or use, someone will be able to help and offer advice.


I’m not good at giving good advice but let me try to give you some tips.

  1. Any start on an epic hybrid can get you through some battles. Most seem to be more available and perform better than non hybrids
  2. Unless you plan on not using hybrids don’t over level creatures. It’s a huge waste of coin and DNA
  3. As for common dino recommendations miragia, dracorex gen2 and sarcosuchus are some of my personal favorites
  4. dart any epics you see. Most can work you towards some good hybrids and you will most likely not see them for a while
  5. Daily missions and alliances are highly recommended as both can net you tons of DNA
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I am new to this game too but I already have many dinosaur even 7 epics but sadly no legendaries and uniques.



uprade certain dinos to their hybrid level (5 for rare, 10 for epic, 15 for legendary, and 20 for unique) or upgrade them to as high as possible if they are on your team and good.

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I’ve been playing for a year and just got my first unique, they’ll come in time but once you get legendaries it’ll start to go faster because I went from indominus to indo in just 3 months.

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I dart all rares and above and most commons if I’m going to use them for common tourneys or if they have hybrids. Some I don’t dart are apaatosaurus which I have its hybrid and their legendaries aren’t that good. I just get these bad legendaries to get them. Some epics to start also are nodopatosaurus and stegoceratops. I also always have one bleeder on my team.

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Thanks for your detailed info. I’ve actually been invited to join an alliance. And joined! Got lots of new dinos from the alliance missions and from other things.

Looking forward to this adventure.


Don’t quite get that.