Newbie questions

  1. Are battles in this game done against real opponents or CPUs?
  2. What’s the max dino level and players level?

A help/FAQ feature in this game would be nice…


As far as i know with the new arena mechanic 9/10 battles seem to be against players. I can remember fighting AI but i believe this is to the past in lower arenas. Recently with the new update arena 6+ seems to have an AI opponent again which has significantly stronger dinosaurs if you’re not prepaired. I highly recommend leveling dinosaurs past 15 firstly in order to at least stand a chance. Arena 6+ is already pretty much end-game so you will be challenged, a lot.

Secondly once you start leveling rares to +15. Dont spare too much DNA for hybrids, just a select few. Those you can catch on a regular basis. Most of the rares are already very versatile and make up for very good fighting dinosaurs vs commons; you can’t miss out on an opportunity. Once you acquire this you will highly likely be able to climb the rankings again… Or at least thats what im able to do right now. Rank 334 and climbing. Most fights are dominated by my high level hybrids, sometimes even one slaughters all 3 if not countered with speed / crit.

I believe max level dino is around 25 maybe even 30. My max level is almost 20 and based on the max stats i see in the arena rewards i believe it must be around those numbers.

Max player level is 20, i’ve seen it pop up somewhere.

There actually is a FAQ but imo not very clear on where to find it:

  1. Both, if your opponent times out, a cpu will that it’s place but if there’s no one batting in your trophy range you will face a cpu.
  2. 25;30


How do u take selfies with the dinosaurs as advertised?


Use the AR function; only works on specific modeld but you have loads to choose from. If your device can use it you will see a round AR button next to it.

To see if your device can run it, here is a list: