Newbie tips

Hi im new to this game, im on lvl 5 and i have many rare and commons. But idk what the alliance and tournament works, i don’t get it, btw i have an alliance and they request me to give some, but how to give it and many more coming! Pls help me, im begging you pros and gods and newbies like me :sob::sob::sob:

What exactly are you having trouble with?

You unlock tournaments once you reach the Badlands arena. Once you’re there, you can win a fixed amount of alliance points by getting 10 takedowns in the tournament, and you can get even more by increasing your high score for that tournament. All alliance points you win help your alliance to get better rewards at the end of each alliance championship.

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not really…
You unlock tournaments much earlier, just cant move up in trophys
im in SS ARCADIA and never went higher and i am getting all 10 takedowns

what he said isn’t wrong. any accounts that are able to enter the tournaments without reaching badlands were grandfathered into the system when that change was made. I’ll link the release notes when the change was announced as soon as i find them.

what who said?

what Qaw said isnt wrong.

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i didnt know that

but now players cant just participate without reaching badlands?

Wait, but im on badlands and i tried to participate in the antarctopelta tournament but it said reach badlands to unlock?


rule one do the campaign as far as you can when youcnt progress level up more dinos then do it again its the best way to get practice and stuff and no moron does the ywan emoji at you :slight_smile:

In badlands im on 33 but the opponents are so hard! Like lvl 11 epics! I only have lvl 8 commons! And some rares! I have an alliance and i progress through all the missions and 4 hours later, I’ll get 2 silver incubators, i hope to get good creatures :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: