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Newbies Welcome!

CONTACT: SmokinSmaug#7067

Have you just started playing this great game? Would you like to join a growing alliance, where you can be a founding member but get expert advice, support, and even access to a a level 20 sanctuary where you can collect DNA to help improve your team?

You may have found that many alliances will not accept you because you are not qualified for the tournament. But your trophy level doesn’t matter to us, we will help you get there!

Look no further than my new alliance PetroleumPatrol.

If you join, you will:

*. Have access to a lvl 20 sanctuary

  • Become a founding member - grow with us

  • Have access to high level sanctuaries

  • Your trophy count or experience does not matter - we will help you grow

Any questions? Interested in joining?
Send me a DM, post here or send an in game join request.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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im intrigued, but i have one question. for the weekly rewards what incubator level do you reach on average?

We’re usually at 3-4