Newb's Arena Questions

  1. When the season resets, can I still spend my medals or will they all disappear?
  2. Will the 5* Deathgripper be rotated out with the season?
  3. When fighting in the arena and there’s a dragon in the front line you really don’t like, would you rather smash it fast before it does too much damage or avoid it so its spirit doesn’t fill?
  4. When the enemy dragon in the back fills up the spirit meter and then does nothing for the next 3 turns, is that a glitch or is there a mechanic I don’t know about?
  5. In Empires & Puzzles, missing targets with my tiles gives me more mana. Is there any mechanic like that in this game?
  6. Is there a tier list anywhere for 3* & 4* dragons, or does nobody care enough about those?

1, you can keep the medals.
2, it has been there since arena comes out so I don’t think so.
3, you can try both strategy and see which works better with you. I don’t know what’s your team and what is the nasty enemy dragon.
4, I think it’s some mechanism.
5, I think you mean spirit?
6, I don’t know and I don’t care. And you should know that we can hardly agree on the tier list for 5* dragons.