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Newer iPhones

Is there any plan on ever fixing the screen for people using newer iPhones where the camera is on the screen. When I PvP I literally can’t see how many hp people on the back line have which can negatively effect PvP seeing as how depending on the HP I might hit different targets.

This issue has also recently arisen on three of my Samsung devices. Support provided no response.

its frustrating, I got my phone like a couple days after it came out and the games I was playing then literally had it fixed within a couple weeks…a YEAR AGO lol. This is nothing new and while i can still play the game its just frustrating if I do an AOE attack and literally dont know if the people on the back line are at 100% health or 1%

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Hi Kingoffarts, I’m sorry to hear about this. That does seem frustrating. I will go ahead and inform the team about this. Thank you.