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Newer tortiments

Ok I’m sick of these rules like the ceratosaurus tortiment it was so agarvating for everyone like sometimes people dont have enough dinosaurs for a category or it will be too hard I would like it better if you can use all dinosaurs and don’t have aquatic or Cenozoic unless if you do a servay first

He who ignores a section of the game does so at their own peril.


Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people feel the same way, and writing an all caps hate message is very over the top I would say considering this is the first tournament that’s Cenozoic in a long time…


You’re allowed to have a paddy if you’re feeling frustrated. I’m like dial-a-paddy.

i actually prefer the tournaments with rules, as it actually gives me a chance to get some of the better creatures. i hated how the old way would match me up with the highest leveled hybrids when i would be, for example, in hatchling( yes that happened to me on more than one occasion and i believe ive only been playing for a little over a year now). the tournaments need to stay with rules

I agree sometimes it can be annoying but it makes me focus on a certain group of creatures I may not have really bothered with and I like that.

I like having many different kinds of creatures in the game. I would even like to have more to keep the game interesting, for example a unique biodome for insects.


my only problem is that almost of the events, and the tournaments a bit, have become extremely difficult. i guess ludia felt like the game was too easy or something?

It’s probably your lineup is unbalanced so it’s giving you hard match ups… maybe I’m not sure. At least in events

I did not notice that the tournament did become more difficult.
The difficulty of the events depends extremely on the strength of your strongest dino. If you have a very strong top dino and the rest is much weaker events will become very difficult for you.
Sionsith made some very fine analysis on this issue. Take a look around in the forum, you will find a lot of entries.

If you recently hatched or evolved a creature that far exceeds your other creatures you might have triggered an imbalance in your line up which will cripple your PvE battles.

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so is it better to have two weak creatures and then one strong creature?

I wouldn’t say weak but having a balanced line up is crucial

In my experience, if you have one creature much stronger, that means the opponents creatures will all be much stronger than your less strong ones. If you lose in the category advantage or you get your strongest taken out you almost certainly lose the battle.

I definitely am liking these tournaments that are restricted to one section or have other level restrictions, it gives those of us that haven’t been playing for years more of a chance to do well, tournaments shouldn’t always just be about whose been playing the longest or spent the most money, and restricting what you can use is the one way to do that. And this forum is very useful in terms of letting people get a heads up for what is coming so they do have some time to hatch out new creatures ahead of time. Certainly from a game designers point of view, it probably is also a good way to get people to spend money on packs and resources to level up areas they may have previously neglected so they can still compete, ultimately this game is only here and continuing to offer new elements because enough people pay for it, so can’t blame the designers for making choices that increase their chances of bringing in some cash.


when you say balanced, do you mean that they’re all the same power level(40) or like the category type(carnivore, herbivore, amphibian etc)?

The ferocity is what matters, it is best to have all classes around the same ferocity two or three for each class deep as you level up your bench of creatures. As you get deeper into the game where you will have 24hr+ cool downs it is very important. At lower levels you can get away with having one or two creatures that might be out ahead of the rest of their cool down is low enough but eventually you have to catch up the rest of your top 10-12 creatures in order to have any chance at normal late game PVE.


And if you didn’t see it, there’s this post from Sionsith as well with excellent information on figuring out ferocity. Sorting by ferocity will give you a good idea of which ones are similar to each other, but particularly if you don’t have a deep bench, it’s really helpful to know the calculation in terms of figuring out where new dinos will fit in. I am now learning to wait to hatch out some of the higher level tourney dinos I earn until I have enough from different classes if even at Level 1 they are too far above everything else I currently have.

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Bonjour, je joue à Jurassic word sur mobile depuis peu. Je suis level 34 et il y a les missions journalières qui on changer. Il y a une mission qui s’appelle " utilisez 3 accélérations". Je suis bloquer car je ne sais pas ce que c’est cette mission, si se serai possible de m’aider s’il vous plaît. Merci d’avance.

Hello, I hope you understand English because my French is really bad.
The mission tells you that you have to accelerate 3 actions like cooldowns, evolving, hatching or placing buildings. Try it with the cheapest building, you can accelerate it for free.