Newest Race to Victory is IMPOSSIBLE


A group of three level 24+ raptors? Are you for real? This strike is impossible.

EDIT: Impossible for beginner/most intermediate players


Not if you have armored tanks that slow!


It’s impossible for non-advanced players. It only rewards advanced players.


Examples? And at what level should they be at?


Stegodeus or stegoceratops level 17


Yeahhhhhh I’m nowhere close to that. Don’t have either of those.

Just frustrating to see that strike on the map and knowing full well you can’t get that incubator. Ugh.


Don’t feel too bad! Unfortunately there are always things in a game like this that are out of reach for the beginner! Like the tournament! I am an advanced player and I am struggling in it!

Have you tried the tower yet?


I tried it with my level 18 raptor, kentro, Amargacephalus, and euoplocephalus. I tried the strategy of pounce, swap, take a hit, pounce, rinse and repeat… I still got my arse handed to me, gift wrapped.

(Opens package… “for me? You shouldn’t have. Let’s see what it is… oh, it’s my bum! I’ve been looking everywhere for that!”)


And to replay, you have to buy cash from Ludia in increasing amounts. The first time It’s 200, then 500, and onward and upward. I’m starting to think that this tower is a cash machine for Ludia. There’s almost no odds of winning, and they know that whales will keep pumping cash into their bank account over and over again. I’m just going to let this particular gold tower go. I’m gonna hit the brachio tower instead.


Yeah, this Race to Victory incubator is definitely not for beginners, or even intermediate players. Like @Rolybert mentioned, you’ll need HIGH level tanks with superiority strike and/or other slowing effects.


I’m sorry but it’s still pretty easy if you know what you’re doing… starting with a raptor is idiotic


If you know what you are doing? So you think it is easy for any player? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I just replied 4 times and got hidden… what is going on?


Not “any” player… but someone put it’s impossible for beginners and intermediates…
I barely have intermediate dinos and it was very easy


I have to agree with both sides, I think there should have been more than one attempt because I did it without looking at the forums and just randomly picking whatever like I usually do so if I didn’t have an ‘advanced’ team I would’ve been toast. But also I like that it was harder and not everyone can win because well what’s the point if we all get it.


It should be harder yes, impossible no.


I’m trying to reply to you and it’s getting blocked… beginners it’s very hard… if you’re an intermediate it’s easy… someone wrote it’s impossible for intermediates… I’m barely intermediate and I didn’t lose 1 dino


I remember at the beginning of the strike events, people complained because it was too easy. Now people are complaining because it is too hard.

This is a free epic incubator y’all, it shouldn’t be so easy to acquire :man_shrugging:t3:


I know right, can’t win :joy::joy:


Superiority Strike will win the Strike for you for anyone that hasn’t tried it yet. Put a few dinos in that have that move and fill out with other slowing dinos.