Newest upgrade to game complete fail!

Today i was asked to update / upgrade my Dragons rise of berk game which i did but after i had done that the game kept crashing on both my childrens laptops and all of their mobile devices which i consider to be a total failure as the game is no longer accessible in any way, shape or form making my children angry as hornets because they can no longer play one of their favorite games, they have been with this game since its inception ( beginning / start ) all those years ago!. So LUDIA can you please try and explain to me what the heck happened ?? have the wheels suddenly fallen off the game? have the dragons finally gone BERKserk and trashed it completely ( yeah that question came from my youngest son BTW ) could you please answer my query as soon as possible thanks before my children decide to give me a Viking funeral complete with fire breathing dragons .!. :scream: :scream: :scream: